Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elder Mackey's December 5, 2011 E-mail

Dear Mandy,
I am doing wonderful! The work here goes pretty well I guess or well at least as far as I see it and then I get transferred. We had 14 investigators with one who was making such a big change in his life. His name is Mitchell and he was a gang buster who went to jail for a long time. He was actually in the Florence jail in AZ. But anyways he really changed his life around and his giving it all to the Lord. He is like King Lamoni's father in Alma 22. He gave God 30 days of no drinking and asked the Lord to help him. Then after the 30 days he will be done for good. It was a miracle because after that he said the desire left him. Man its so awesome! Like I said though I get transferred always. But that's ok, I need to change all these habits I have of mine and gain a new life. I am going to Cedar Lake in the Anoka stake. It was near where I served in New Brighton. So yes everything is sent to the mission home. Then they forward it to where I am serving. Its better that way just in case I get transferred it doesnt go to my old area and I cant get it back until a much longer time. So just send it to the Mission home unless you are wanting to use Fed Ex or UPS then let me know and I will give you the address where I am living but its tricky near the transfer date since I wont know if I will be getting transferred or not. Ya last week I was not in the mood to e-mail. I just dont know what to say in the 45 min I have. I did recently receive a letter from mom but it was after Tuesday I think. Hey so does everyone want to talk to me on skype or just over the phone? Skype was a little to hard to talk to certain people. Maybe just the phone. Well we had a mission Christmas conference this Sunday but since I am getting transferred the one I will be going to will be on the 18. I was thinking about doing something but then I had second thoughts. I just love the Christmas season though! The Spirit is so strong and it is just awesome! It seems that poeple are more open at this time of year.    
Dad's party sound like it was fun! I really want to see pictures of Dad's cake! Sounds like it was amazing and very artistic. When I get home everyone is going to look so different! There will even be new faces. Good luck Jacob on your boards! You are in my prayers! Way to go Orrin for passing them! That is awesome!

I thought I knew everything about being a missionary but every transfer I learn that there is more. I was talking to Elder Whitehead about this and he gave the thought that I am not "emotionally attached to my mission." I talked with my mission president and he gave me some great scriptures to ponder on. The first one was Matthew 10:37-39. I need to lose my self in the work or forget about my old life and receive the new life that Christ gave me. D&C 121:33-46 where I need to do this for the glory of God and not my and to trust in Him and put aside my pride. Pride comes in many forms. Then he told me to memorize Mosiah 3:19. I need to be humble and willing to submit to God just as a child. Keep up the work and stay sweet! Trust in God!  

Elder David Mackey

Monday, November 21, 2011

Elder Mackey's November 21, 2011 E-mail

Dear Mandy,
I don't think I am a "bit" little brother. :p I am doing good. Last week was pretty awesome! Elder Zwick came to our mission for a mission tour. He came to our apartment to check it out and then he prayed for us and our appointment we were having right after. :D Then we had a training from him and his wife and it was awesome! During the break he came up to me and apparently President told him about my accident. He wanted to give me a blessing and asked if I wanted one. I said ya! It was so awesome! He pretty much healed me in the blessing. But I thought it was so cool that I had a General Authority lay hands on my head.
The coldest I have experienced so far or from when I payed attention was 28 degrees with wind shield 18. Our first day of snow was on Saturday. It was at least three inches of snow! And guess what, I fell for the first time on the first day of snow fall. This is my companions first area on a bike so he was slowing down while coming up to the side walk and I was coming in pretty fast and hit the curb to miss him and went straight down. It didn't even hurt. Then I fell a few times the next day because it all turned to ice and I was trying to slide on the ice with my bike. I do have plans for Thanksgiving. We have a Turkey bowl in the morning (I am praying the snow will melt before then which its says it will) which is a big huge one they say. They have three games going on and tons of people come. Then we will be going over to a members home for Thanksgiving. So that will be my P-day and I will be writing letters then.
I think we had Thanksgiving at our house but I don't remember. We had the opportunity to go to a members wedding reception and they gave us the left overs and there was so much turkey that we got! I am going to be sick of it by the end of this week. I am with you, I love the sides; the jello, chips, carrots with that good dip. Thats a bumber that ASU lost. oh well. Maybe next year or the year after that so I can be there to watch it.
I have experienced a man who was like "the hypocrites when they pray". He prayed for like 10 min. saying Jesus Christ and "in the name of Jesus Christ" like half the time and the majority of the prayer was about how God is one and that they knew Him and the Bible was the only word. What I really liked about it was that my companion and I were very calm and not bashing. I said at the end, "well we have no purpose here in teaching you since we have already answered your questions" and the guy goes while trying to fake cry "you have a purpose, and that is to find out God and find God." I think there would be some spark in the other guy that we were teaching and his wife maybe.
The investigator (****) that had a baptismal date set will not be able to get baptized on Tuesday. :/ She loves coming to church and she will continue to but she has one thing that is holding her up. She has a strong testimony of the other questions so we are waiting for God to work miracles with her. She is so solid. President said that once she starts to live the thing she struggles with that she can be baptized on that day. But she is working towards it.
That is awesome about the Baptist lady. The Baptist out here really focus on the "rapture" which has no Bible reference.
I remember going down those McDonald slides in wrestling with a tray. You go really fast. I do concur with the smell of pee in the balls area. Not very sanitary especially for children.

I feel though that I'm not being a perfect missionary wastes Heavenly Fathers time that He has set apart for me. I will try to improve my relationship with Him and ask for more help. :) I love you and thank you for your prayers! I still have not received any packages yet so I dont know if you have sent them yet or not. 

Elder Mackey

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elder Mackey's November 7, 2011 E-mail


Dear Mandy,
haha Sorry I wont do that again. I was going to do it all black and then you had to highlight it but then I thought that was dumb.
My week is went pretty well. Its like we are starting from scratch. Its tough getting the area going. There are pictures of Elder Whitehead and I raking the leaves of our new investigator. There were a ton of leaves. It was fun, I am having a lot of fun with Elder Whitehead. Another investigator that we obtained while we were here as a date set for November 22. That was pretty cool. Tracting on Halloween was fun too. Although we were talking to a group of young kids and their parents and one of the kids kept hitting me in the face. He did it like 5 times. haha It was hard for me not to pick him up and throw him...not really but man. We got candy while we tracted and some people would talk to us. But very ineffective.
I still have not received any packages yet or letters. :( I hear that they are thinking about having the post office be closed on Saturdays. I hope that doesn't happen but I think it has or will. Thank you for all of the notes that you wrote and mom sent to me. :D They made me smile and feel loved! I forgot to take them with me today so I cant really respond specifically but I will next week hopefully. I will write it down in my planner. 
That is an awesome story/ miracle that your ward had! That is so EXCITING!  Keep me in the know about the families that are still going. I love hearing stories of re-activation.
Elder David Mackey

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elder Mackey's October 31, 2011, E-Mail

Dear Mandy,
Wow Adam is amazing!!! He has so much faith! Way to go for him. I did send him an e-mail. Man I wish I had that kind of experience.
So it is getting really cold now. It was pretty foggy today and chilly. I am now in East Bloomington. I am in Presidents ward with the AP's. This ward is awesome!! They help out so much with missionary work its just crazy! We really don't have to do much except tract, teach, study, and be obedient. So my companion, Elder Whitehead, and I white washed the area so we knew nothing here. He has never served here and he actually has never been in a bike area and he goes home in 2 transfers. We just had a wedding followed by a baptism this last Saturday. It was awesome! We got in here with a baptism and wedding. That was pretty much it though. We don't have anyone else. Maybe one but we called and she said she wasn't interested. There hasn't been missionaries in this area for 2 weeks. But we were visiting a less-active and as we were coming out Elder Whitehead contacted a lady who was walking by. We invited her to come to church and she said she had a previous engagement but felt she needed to go. She did and she had a great experience. It was the Primary Program. There was this one kid who got up there and started to say his part and then he says "I don't remember anymore" loudly and throws the mic up and gets down. It was so funny. So yes this is a bike area and it is a huge one and I will be in it for probably the whole winter. My companion is awesome! He works hard and he contacts really well. He teaches with the Spirit and finds with the Spirit. We cook a lot here which is good because I am getting really good at it. :) Although I do need recipes that are good. And spices, good ones please. :) Maybe not as good as Kevin and Ju. I did not get Her package yet. :( The ward had it last Friday but we were thrown into the ward and we didn't know about it so we didn't attend.
The Police story is not even that cool. We just tracted into this one house and the girlfriend was really interested and was trying to leave the place. We stopped by again and the guy answered and he was really mad and said that he was going to call the cops because we were there again and said stuff about our church that was not true so I wanted to beat him up but I said have a great night and left. Ya I probably made it sound like it was intense but it really wasn't. 
I think we are finally on our feet here in this area and now we will be working our butts off I hope. I love you all! Oh, I have a request, Can everyone in the family send me a letter in the mail, like every person, and send it so I get them all on the same day. I just think it would be so funny for the lady in the office. So just coordinate it with everyone. You don't even have to send me a long letter. It could be a little note on a 3 by 5 note card. :) Also all the nieces and nephews send me something and send it in its own envelope. I hope you guys agree. ;) I love you and thank you for your prayers. :)
Elder Mackey

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elder Mackey's October 18, 2011 E-mail

Amanda says "FYI - I asked him why he was emailing on Tuesday in stead of Monday, and I asked why the cops were called and what happened."
No for real. It wasnt bad, we just walked away from the house. We e-mailed on Tuesday because it was Columbus Day and the Libraries were closed (they actually weren't, only some of them) so they said we could e-mail on Tuesday. We are gaining a lot of trust with the Ward! This is awesome because now the ward will hopefully begin to give us referrals. But that is not the hightlight of my week. So this last Friday Elder Cook came to visit the mission. It was so awesome! The first thing he did was shook all our hands and ask us where we were from. Then he explained why he did that. He was giving us a "spiritual interview" where he looks into our eyes and see how we are doing. I knew they did something like that! He said that everyone looked good spiritually and physically. He talked about how we need to focus on having all those we are teaching keep commitments.  His wife spoke too and she is a very musically inclined person. Very sweet. Also, President Clements worked for Elder Cook in a law firm and they have known each other for a very long time so they are really good friends. Its starting to get cold here like 50 - 45 defreeze!!! I need to go and take my boy to get some warm winter stuff. I love you all! 

Elder David Mackey

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Elder Mackey's October 10, 2011 E-Mail

Dear Mandy,
Well it was pretty hot during the beginning of the week. We had to start wearing suits all the time now (except on bikes) and I think someone complained to the President (which I'm glad) that it was to hot for suits. So they moved it to last Friday. It has been really nice. There are leaves EVERYWHERE. Its so fun to bike right next to the curb and then put my foot down and gather a huge pile of leaves that makes it up to my lap. Crazy huh? How is Grandpa doing with his recovery? I love them. :D Was the fair fun? I dont remember ever going to any fairs. I went to one down here and it is way boring. Cool animals but ya not my way of entertainment. Actually I went to a fair in Mesa with the Blood family and Lauren went to. Did you throw up at all? Which one did you go on? the one off of the movie Sand lot? :P
On Sunday we had an amazing lesson to end the day. We are teaching a women whose husband is in Iraq right now. She has four kids. She said she was going to make it to church earlier but didnt make it for some reason. We were a little bumbed and we tried getting a hold of her throughout the week but were unable so we were nervous that she dropped us. I was praying and praying that this lesson will not fall through and it didnt. We were able to get two Sisters there to the appoinment and we decided to teach CPR (church, pray, read) instead of throughing more information on her with the plan of salvation and it was very spiritual. Everyone in the room was crying (except me) and it was just awesome! It boosted my excitement and will to do better. (And then all of the sudden I got a ton of rejection and cops called on us the next day)
Thank you for the quotes! I love you Mandy! You are awesome!
Elder David Mackey

Monday, October 10, 2011

Elder Mackey's October 3, 2011 E-Mail

Conference was awesome!! I had a lot of prayers answered for sure. Tons of talks for investigators came to mind. Too bad none of them came. Hopefully they watched it on the Internet. So this past week was so awesome!! We had some amazing miracles!!! One investigator we tracted into a week before accepted to be baptized. We will see how serious he was. He kept saying sure and ok. He wants to quit smoking. Then we were in the area and thought we should stop by this one kid. We were going to do it next week but the idea came to our mind. We stopped by and his parents were out front. Their son (the kid) moved for good to Texas to do pipe lining. We taught the parents the restoration and invited them to be baptized! They accepted. The mom said that she was saying a prayer looking for guidance and she knows that we were an answer to her prayers which she asked like a few hours before. Then after the last session of conference we were going over to our dinner appointment and the neighbor was outside. We talked to her. She was very friendly and open. We asked if we could teach her at the members home and she said yes. We did and it was a spiritual lesson!! We invited her to be baptized and she accepted!!! So 4 accepted baptismal invitations during this week!! That was a pretty uplifter.
I came into the mission with the determination that I was going to be 100% obedient and I am not even close to that. Mandy, I feel like I am getting into the "funk" again. :( Its hard to get out of this funk. Seriously I thought I would be a better missionary than who I am right now.  Well I love you oh so very much. I love the family and I am so grateful to be apart of this family. Thank you for your prayers. and that picture is so funny and thank you for sharing that with me!
Elder David Mackey

Friday, September 30, 2011

Elder Mackey's September 26, 2011 E-mail

Dear Mandy,
So we found General Conference 2008 on CD in the apartment so we have been listening to that all the time in the car. It was great! So the Weather here "I think" is getting a little cold. The people here say it is really nice and great but I think it is cold. They laugh at me. I thought I was ready for the winter but then I am remembering that my toes froze a lot. :/ I do miss the one season state. Its easy to prepare for that...shorts or shorts. :D
I am finding out that my companion is very different than I am. He is too laid back and tells me that I need to be more "loose". He is just a green bean though haha. I just laugh. Anyways this week was pretty hard, we received a lot of discouragement. I mean we got a huge package with the sender Satan, Lucifer. (that was a dumb joke hehe) That's the thing though. We can be interested and open it up and get the surprise or just leave it alone and still have a positive attitude and receive the blessings from God.
Its hard for me to write right now because my feelings are going all over the place. :/ Thank you for your prayers Mandy. I love you very much. I read the letters you gave me before I left on my mission this morning. Thank you so much for those letters. :) They are great council for me to follow. I think I am being a worry wart. ha

Elder David Mackey

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Elder Mackey's September 19, 2011 E-mail

Whaaa Hannn!!!  This is the funniest saying that I have heard. My district leader, Elder Dillard whom I will love forever, made it up when he was young and been saying it since then. It means "whats happenin?" There is this special way to say it and its just great. He got the Mission Presidents Wife to say it now. She calls us the Whaa Hannn club. haha Its just silly. Anyways....
Yesterday was the Presidents Fireside and I was called to do the musical number. She wanted me to sing "Redeemer of my Soul." This meeting was so good and the Spirit was strong! This Fireside is where a few recent converts are chosen to speak about their conversion. There is a missionary from Ohio, the big time hood part, who told his story. He joined like two years ago and then went on a mission. He is 26. He got shot twice, he was in a gang. But anyways, then there was this guy who found out the church to be true during trial and then went to jail for 10 years and read the BoM, Jesus the Christ, Bible, Miracle of Forgivness, and a bunch of other stuff 10 times. He got out and then got First Presidentcies approval to be baptized. It was so good! It was a good Spiritual day yesterday. I will put in here my letter to the president.
Dear President,
Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Presidents Fireside. That was a very spiritual meeting and I was able to participate and even contribute to the meeting. What a blessing! I think it was good for Elder Van Orden to experience that to boost his enthusiasm. We are going to be running chapel tours on Tuesday at 6:30 pm to help with the members in inviting their friends in missionary opportunities. This will help them invite their friends to something a little less overwhelming and help them get into the church to feel the Spirit, see the Christ center pictures we have and to have a lesson from the missionaries all at the same time. I feel that this will be a good experience and will hopefully bring success into this area. Elder Van Orden is doing great! He is a really good companion in helping the investigators in their individual needs. We are on tract with the training guide and I am helping him learn the lessons. I am trying to work with helping him talk to everyone no matter what situation he is in. He is a little shy about that but he is working on it.
We found this couple while tracting and they said they have been meeting with the mormon missionaries for 28 years. They said to stop by another time and so we did and we caught them working on their yard. We dropped our bags and went straight to work. They were impressed and felt bad we were working in our "nice" clothes. They let us "fellowship" with them and I learned how to take the conversation and environment and direct it all towards the plans which we have made (which was restoration) and we were very bold and testified powerfully in te Book of Mormon and about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invited the wife to be baptized and she accepted. I then invited the husband and he declined saying he was already baptized. So then the wife backed down. :/ She said she will read and pray about the Book of Mormon and so did the husband. The Spirit was so strong in the house and I learned how important it is to point out the Spirit and then TESTIFY! This Saturday a member will be coming with us to help with their yard and also teach. I am trying out here. I hope it is what Heavenly Father wants. I just dont see baptisms. I know thats not how you measure success but I would like to have a baptism. I love you President. :D
Love Elder Mackey
Thank you for all your love and prayers. Pray that I will get a baptism!! I really want one really bad!!
Elder David Mackey

Monday, September 12, 2011

Elder Mackey's September 12, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,
It is a lot of work being a trainer! I have never ever thought about someone and worried about someone so much. Thank you so much Grandma Flaherty for the e-mail! I am actually not serving in Blaine. I did serve in New Brighton just under Blaine. I am still in Farmington. My new companion is Elder Van Orden who is from Blackfoot, Idaho. He is the youngest of 5. He works really hard and wants to be a great missionary.
I have been playing the piano a lot at random peoples homes because it helps us get into their home. But I really like it because I don't play piano that much so I get my practice at random peoples homes. Whoa, a missionary just walked in who has both legs cut off. He has two prosthetic legs!! Man its so cool.
Anyways....umm well I am just working really hard trying to train my "boy" so he doesnt go down the deep end.
Missionaries want to use the comp so I got to go. I love you all.....
Elder David Mackey

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Mackey's September 5, 2011 E-mail

Dear family,
The weather here is turning cold! :/ My feet get cold now when I study. It feels great though. I am a little excited for  the winter to come but I am getting a little nervous because I am not use to it. The leaves are changing a little but not to big of a change.
So this transfer ended a week early because the MTC did a mistake about the scheduling. Next transfer will be a week longer. Anyways, Elder Waller will be transferred to Blaine, just north of New Brighton, and I will be staying. They called me to be a trainer so I will be training a new missionary!!!! I am pretty excited about that!! I hope I do a good job. I am pretty nervous! Laurens sister said a quote that I really like and applies to me at this point, "The Lord doesn't call the qualified but He qualifies the called." When you train you usually train for two transfers so I will be here in Farmington during the winter months. Luckily its a car area but I love biking so I want to use it at the least except for big trips. You can talk to more people on a bike and do more work than in a car I think.
This week I have been studying about goals. I want to really focus on working towards the goals I have set and not only that but pray and have my goals be the same as Heavenly Fathers goals. I feel this is a way of submitting my will to the Fathers will. Its gonna take a lot of work because I want to see some outstanding miracles here.
Elder David Mackey

Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Mackey's August 29, 2011 E-Mail

Dear Family,
The work here is going pretty well. We had a few days that were slow, no teaching at all or contacting, but that happens in rural areas. We have been really building the trust with the members and it is working really well. There were some less-active and investigators who might of dropped out of our teaching pool because of me being bold but thats what we do. Thats our purpose, to baptize. I tell my companion that (he isnt as bold and doesnt open his mouth too much) why our purpose is to baptize is because that opens the door for their salvation. They may not know it yet but they will. We dont just extend the invite because its a number to write down but because we love them so much that for them to be even more happier is to make those covenants with God and then receive the Spirit and then enter in the straight and narrow path to eternal salvation which is the greatest gift of God. We lost one baptismal date set but we still have one. He went to church all three hours and he loved it. He was bobbing his head in priesthood but he made it. ;p He might want to get baptized even sooner. We will see. So how is Sam doing? I need to write him a letter and Becca too. Has Adam gone to Argentina yet? The weather is getting beautiful now. It is starting to get into the fall season and it is just nice! Oh guess what.....I helped a member of the ward (I pretty much did it for him) put in the inside and outside barrings of his fron wheels for his huge truck. He broke his right hand so he needed me to do it for him. He told me what to do and taught me a lot about cars. It was so cool! :D So now I know how to do barrings and brakes. ;) so dad if you need help, just give me a call...when im home of course. Love you all.
Elder David Mackey

Monday, August 22, 2011

Elder Mackey's August 22, 2011 E-Mail

Dear Family,

The Farmington Ward is really awesome! There is a lot of diversity of
talents in the ward. The work is coming along very successfully and I
try to work really hard out here. Yesterday we met with one of our new
investigators whose fiance is a less - active member. We invited him
to be baptized on Sep 24 and he accepted and then he said he would get
married on that day. Then the member came home from work and she was
freaking out about being so soon and "worrying about what her family
(who are not members) would think about her." So now it was moved to
December 31. He is wanting to change his whole life and become better.
Its way awesome! Have any of you checked out They have
some sweeeeet clips. I strongly believe, and I teach this to the
members out here, that we all need to have a profile so we can touch
those who can relate to us to bring them the gospel or prepare them to
receive the gospel. I love you all. This is kinda short sorry.

Elder David Mackey

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elder Mackey's August 15, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,

Congratulations Mandy for getting the job!!! I have always wonder what
the teachers side of Internet courses. Maybe you have to video tape
you doing math problems on a white board. Also, maybe I could make a
video tape of me and my companion teaching about the Restoration and
then "accidentally" post my video and tell them they have to write out
a page on how they can apply it to their life. That would be awesome.
Or maybe as an extra creadit. But I am just might lose
your job.
Anyways, the area is awesome! Its crazy where ever you go, no matter
how bad the area is, if you start working hard you start to see
miracles. Now I just need to get out on the bike more. We are seeing a
lot of less actives and part member families. We went to this one part
member family and the non member was so ready to accept the gospel.
The next time we meet we are going to invite him to be baptized! Booya
This area is a slow pace area so not too much is going on here.
Everyone we teach I will be inviting to be baptized! I love you all
and thank you for all your letters!! I love letters! haha Take care of
dad. I am not there to help with the wall so he might work too much. I
love you dad! I love Grandma and Grandpa. I know the Church is true
and the Spirit is so Awesome! At times it feels like a water balloon
and he is just filling me with water to the point where I want to
burst. I love my mission. This is what I want to do for the rest of my
life. I dont want to come home. I will ask President if I can have a 5
year extension. ;D

Elder David Mackey

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elder Mackey's E-mail dated 8/8/11

Elder Truman and Elder Mackey

Elder. Mackey


"The only cute chick I am allowed to Kiss"

Shoppin' at Walmart
Dear Family,

Thank you all for your letters and packages!! I appreciate them so
much! So out here in Farmington is just like the name...there are a
ton of farms. It reminds me of Grandma and Grandpas' house. :) Its a
car area because everything is so spread out. We have some pretty cool
investigators and some very interesting ones. The work out in a rural
area is very slow because there is no city area where people walk
around. Here is a picture of my old companion. Oh they made me
district leader but now I was demoted because I guess something went
wrong down south so they had to combine my district with another and
they made him the district leader. So there are some pictures I
attached. There is a bald eagle out here in my area. I havent seen it
yet but I am hoping too. I found another hawk and it was watching over
its babies from a distance. In new Brighton we had a fiesta for the
Spanish in my ward and it was so fun. One of the spanish sisters makes
Pinatas for fun and she made some pretty cool ones. The kids had a
blast. So did I. :p One is of me trying to kiss the only chick I can
on my mission. ;P but it looks kinda funny but its still cool. A part
member family have a farm and its way cool to go and play.

Oh and Valerie's Mike, have you started your falcon training? Tell me
about that. There is a kid who wants to be a falconer and wants to
know all that stuff and so do I in case I catch a hawk out here. :p

My new companion like I said before is Elder Waller. He is from
Gilbert, Arizona and is the 2nd of 2 in his family. He loves to write
and he can just make up lyrics. He is really good so we are thinking
about making a show or something to invite people to. He has been out
a year and he is probably one of the most spiritual companion I have
ever had. He is very good. More pictures will come because this area
is very cool. I love you all and have a great week!

Elder David Mackey

Monday, August 1, 2011

Elder Mackey's August 1, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,

Right now there has been some huge thunderings. Big deep rumbles,
shakes everything. Ok, So I have to start off with this first. So
Elder D. Todd Christofferson came to visit our ward yesterday!! He
came in with his son yesterday to help him move into our ward. Then on
Sunday he was just randomly there! I shook his hand twice and I asked
him, "why dont you have a tag like us?" and he said that he isn't as
special as we are!! I had a tiny little conversation with
him.....crazy!!! haha He went to Sunday school with us and priesthood.
He is so cool. He also spoke in Sacrament meeting. Good talk about
taking the name of Jesus upon us and what it means. Oh, also the other
Elders in my ward had two baptisms on Saturday and he stood in the
circle for both of the confirmations. It was pretty cool. :D

So Transfer Calls were today and I will be leaving New Brighton and
going to Farmington. I will stay as District Leader. My new Companion
is Elder Waller. He was in my district when I first got to New
Brighton so I know him a little. Elder Truman will be staying and he
will be training a new missionary. I am ready for a change of scenery
so I felt that I was going to change. I was kinda ready to leave this
area. I really like it but ya I dont know. Anywho, I will pray for you
Mandy to get that job. ;D Ya my ankle hurts still and is still sore
and swollen. It didnt get bruised up like last time but it looks like
the knuckle has moved or something. I will be getting an X-ray
sometime in the next week. Here in New Brighton we dont have a problem
getting new investigators but we the problem is keeping them and
having them progress. :/ We have some solid investigators and I hope
they stay interested. One investigator said that if I get transfered
she wont meet with the missionaries. I told her that one of us will
stay and she needs to stay meeting with them. I will see her tomorrow
and play the piano for her.

My feelings have been going all over the place. Its weird and
confusing to me. Thats probably the biggest struggle right now. But
just like mom told me, I just keep working and getting better each
day. Like those baby steps Katie. ;) Thank you very much Grandma for
writing me a letter last week. :D I will write you one this week or
next week if I dont have time because of packing. I promise. I love
you very much and I am grateful for you letters. I will pray for
Grandpa that he will get better. I also received a letter from the
Balls, Matt is getting married. Sweet! I love you all and thank you
very very much for you prayers. :D

Elder David Mackey

Monday, July 25, 2011

Elder Mackey's July 25, 2011 E-mail

WHOA!!!! Mandy are you engaged!? I see a ring on your left hand. haha
just teasing. ;D I dont know the quote. We played basketball this
morning and I just rolled my ankle pretty bad. It hurts a lot. :/ Once
again we had some very crazy storms and then very very hot and humid
days. The teaching has been going pretty well. As a mission we have
been talking about ideas on how we can double the baptisms this month
and consistently. We are wanting to baptize a branch in the month of
August. This week is the week where the whole mission invites 1000
people to be baptized! This week is going to be fun. :D So where is
Val and Mike go? Why are you making baby quilts? The new mission
President got a law degree and maybe he can get a job for you eh?
Whenever I talk to him I always forget to ask him. He is way
legitimate. Dad I never thought you could stay awake for that long!
haha just kidding. What was your favorite part of the trek dad? Did
you do anything else other than move toilets? What is Adam doing
during the summer? I thought he was going down to Argentina.

So we met this lady while she was walking with her 4 year old daughter
back to her place. She lost her food stamp card and she was looking
for it in the grass. We offered to say a prayer for her and she
accepted. We all then looked for it. We found it in 2 min. It was
awesome. Then we taught her a lesson later that night with a joint
teacher. I made some cups for the "cup lesson." It has pictures of the
old and new apostles and some other truths. It was so funny because we
got to the point in the lesson where after the restoration God
restored His Twelve Apostles again to the earth. She gave the funniest
response I have ever had. After I said that she took the cup and she
is looking at both the sides and then says, "Are you for real?" in her
black lady accent. haha She seemed pretty solid but now she is not
keeping her appointments. Another time we met this group of black men
with white girlfriends and the black men were talking with Elder
Truman and I was talking to this other black man with the half black
kids and Elder Truman wanted to say a prayer with the guys and they
said sure so I am just an onlooker and haha I see Elder Truman with
these other 2 guys holding hands in a circle. Elder Truman starts with
the prayer and he pauses to get his thoughts and then the guy next to
him says what he says. Then the guys next to him copies that. haha So
the whole prayer they are saying the same things that Elder Turman is
saying. It was funny because when Elder Truman would say a long
sentence the others would be like how a primary child would be when
there are a lot of words. haha oh man it was fun.

I love to hear the other missionaries in the ward. Thank you so much
Tryon Family for getting those out to me. I also love hearing how your
family is doing. I thought it was funny what you said Rachelle about
meeting the Cadaver in heaven. haha

Thank you all for you love and pray for my ankle please. :D Its
getting fat and ugly. haha But also pray for the people in New

Elder David Mackey

Monday, July 18, 2011

Elder Mackey's July 19, 2011, E-Mail

Dear Family,

Thank you all for your letters!!! I really look forward for checking
the mail. Its weird because I never thought I would care for letters
but they really brighten my day! Thank you so much Sister Johnson for
everything you do for me while I serve. :) Brittany how is the letter
writing going with Elder Mosley? How was the trek? I loved the trek
when I went. Very spiritual. How was the trip up to Boise? Jeremy,
thank you for your e-mails and especially the ones with your blog
postage. Mom your letter came at just the right time! Thank you for
your encouragment. Let me know how the trip goes.  Last Thursday we
went to the temple and it was wonderful. It is a little different with
a small temple but everything is the same. :) Yesterday was a very
very very hot day especially with the humidity. Elder Truman was
really getting effected from it. We had to go in early because he was
getting sick and close to heat stroke. Things are going really awesome
here. So we met with an investigator who has been meeting with the
missionaries since 2008. He was dropped and last transfer I felt like
we should contact him. We started to teach him and he still was
hesitant abut getting baptized and he pretty much was a social
butterfly. Well the last time we met we invited him to be baptized and
he said no. We said then to pray about it and call us to let us know
what his answer is. This morning we got a call from him and he told us
he wants to be baptized!!! He said that after we left his apartment he
felt like he needed to be baptized. I was praying for him every day
and night. Oh this is so awesome!! I think I go through trials which
proceed the miracle. Now I am sick again with the cold. is so
hard to work hard.  Just like ether 12:6. We had some Elders in the
singles ward apartment roof collapse from all the rain we had. We got
a ton of rain and there was a lot of flooding. Well I need to get
going. I love you all and give me tips about what I should write. I
know its now been 7 months and I still dont have it down but I will
get it down. haha

Elder David Mackey

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elder Mackey's July 12, 2011 E-Mail

Elder Mackey and ... Trevor!!??!!!

Those pictures are crazy! (dust storm) I never knew it was as bad as the middle
east! So we met our new mission president, President Clements, and his
wife and daughter yesterday so our p-day was pushed. But we are going
to the Temple for the first time out here on Thursday so I am pretty
stoked about that. I really need a spiritual refreshing. It was really
crazy to see Trevor last Wednesday. I was not expecting that. We
walked in and we were staring at Jenny wondering who she was (cuz her
face was hidden by the plant) and why she was recording us. Then BAM!!
"hi Dave!" It was awesome to see him and Jenny. I seriously think they
should get married. Trev, even the Dewitt's say that you two should as
well. I hope I look good because I weigh 200lbs. That is a ton of

We had a baptism last Thursday! His name was Kaich Ogul. He was part
of a part member family and we just asked him to be baptized and he
wanted to the next day but we had to wait to set things up. I had my
first exchange and he taught me more than I taught him. I feel so
inadequate for this calling. My companion just biffed on his bike like
three times today. It was pretty funny. Well I really dont have
anything else. I love you all.

Elder David Mackey

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Elder Mackey's July 5, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,

Thank you for the happy Independence day! It was just another regular
P-day for the missionaries. We didn't have to go in early. July 4 is
big here as well. There are parades every where and everyone has
fireworks. I so wanted to hold a bottle rocket or play with some fire
crackers. Gotta stick to the rules. We have been listening to Ed
Pediger (or something) "Missionaries to Match the Message" when we go
to sleep and it is just so awesome!!! Thank you so much Lauren! One
quote that really sticks out to me right now is "faith is the power,
the Spirit is the Key, Obedience is the price, and Christ is the
reason." I have really been focusing on trying to be obedient. There
was another quote a missionary said at Zone FHE last night over the
phone "obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles." I
want to be apart of the miracles happening in this mission! Last month
we got 58 baptisms, which is breaking the record! This month we are
trying to reach 60! We have a baptism happening this Thursday. His
name is Kaich and I am so excited! He is so awesome. He is part of a
less active family who are trying to do what is right. The work is
going really good. Being District Leader is tough because its new but
its real fun I guess. I have my first exchanges tomorrow. I have one
question/ advice, how do I improve my study?

Julia, Thank you for the letter and the pictures of Havisupi. It looks
so much fun! I love the one with Adam jumping off the fall with
Charles Hancock with his funny face. hehe When will Adam put in his
papers? I hear that Daniel is leaving soon? I will write you a letter
next week. Yesterday was pretty crazy. I didn't get any letters out.

So for the 4th of July we played basketball from 7am to 10:30. My
companion sprained his ankle so he was gimping around. We then went
with our investigators to a place where they were playing whiffle ball
and volley ball and having a hot dogs and stuff. It was pretty fun.
Thank you for your love! I feel it everyday! Especially you Adam!!
Write me an e-mail! I want to know whats going on in your life. Sam I
will get you your 11 dollars. Ask dad for it. haha :p

Elder David Mackey

Monday, June 27, 2011

Elder Mackey's June 27, 2011 e-mail

Katie and Family,
So I read Mandy's e-mail and she is going to girls camp this week so
will not be home. She said she will be up at camp lamiah getting
eating by bears or eating bears. Anyways she wont be in town. So I
will send it to you. :D So this week was AWESOME!!! First day as
district leader was just like any day until Sunday. Getting in all the
numbers is tough because I cant go to their places and "kick them in
the butt" and tell them to get their numbers in. I didnt get them in
till 10:30. But oh well. Yesterday we had the last fireside with
President Howell. It was so awesome and their Downsyndrum girl bore
such a spiritual testimony. Special kids really can see the other side
of the veil. At the end all the missionaries came up and sang "This is
the Christ." The Spirit was there so strong. I got to see my "daddy,"
it was so good to get to see him his last transfer and hug him and
talk about the work in Apple Valley. There are so many miracles going
on every where in Minnesota! The retention percentage is 80%! Thats
crazy!! We have 59 baptisms in June, maybe even 60 which is our goal.
Heavenly Father blessed Elder Truman with 30 Lessons this week! Our
investigators are progressing, those whom we didnt think would get
anywhere. Our baptism fell through and now he is kinda avoiding us.
Its really disappointing but the work moves forward. We got another
baptismal date set for one of our investigators who is progressing so
much! We even got him a job which is so awesome! The Lord is preparing
him to make those covenants! Then our other investigators who we have
been meeting for a while are progressing slowly but surely. They told
me that they are so grateful that I came into their life because I
keep being persistent with them. I saw a part in my Patriarchal
come true and it was so cool! I am better understanding why I
am out here! I am starting to love Minnesota! We have some great
miracles happening on over here in New Brighton! Keep praying for my
investigators. Especially James, Doris, Matt, Patricia, and Edward. I
love you all and thank you for your support!
Elder David Mackey

Monday, June 20, 2011

Elder David Mackey's June 20, 2011 e-mail

Elder Mackey and Elder Ralph

Dear Family,
Well so this week was awesome!!! We had so many miracles these past
two weeks. Last week we taught 22 lessons!!! A sad thing though is our
investigator who had a date set June 25th didn't come to church
yesterday and told us that we are pushing. Satan was really working
hard on his family but I really think it was a good thing because we
need to get into his home and teach so the whole family can hear the
Gospel and feel the Spirit. We have another investigator whose name is
James and when we first met with him he was hanging out with the wrong
crowd and getting into trouble. We started meeting with him everyday
to read the Book of Mormon to help him get better at reading because
he had a brain injury as well and his difficulty was reading and
spelling so everyday we read for about an hour and actually he reads
it all and he is loving it. Its crazy from the first day he started to
now. There is so much improvement! He loves reading because he feels
happy and he loves going to church because he feels happy!!!!! Big
miracle! After we read he sometimes will want to play me chess but I
always beat him. Not to be prideful in anyway. That's why it is only
sometimes because some days he doesn't want to be beat. But I told him
I could teach him to play better. It was so funny because the first
day we met with him he was so confident that he could beat anyone (he
was a little buzzed) and I played him and beat him in four moves. Man
I love this area!!! We are meeting so many awesome people! Transfer
calls was yesterday because the mission president is leaving. My
companion Elder Ralph is being transfered to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
and I will be getting Elder Truman. I was also assigned to be the new
District Leader. Ah man it was so surprising! I am a little nervous.
haha  I dont know what to do! This will be an adventure! I love you
all and please keep me in your prayers. Thank you for praying for me
and pray for the work to move forward in this area! Thank you dad for
sending me money to fix my bike!
Elder David Mackey

Monday, June 13, 2011

Elder Mackey's June 13, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family!

So Kate I think you took over the job today to send everyone a letter.
Thank you for writing me. This past week was pretty tough. I was sick
and still am. I dont know when I will get well, plus my companion is
sick as well. He caught what I have so he is in the first stages of it
with the sore throat and changed voice. Then my bike broke like big
time and I was without a bike for a long time so our work went way
down. I would just sit on my companions rack on the back to get to
different places. haha it looked really funny. Although this past week
was actually very successful. We are working with a less active to get
her back to church and then to the temple. Then another less active
all of the sudden showed up at church yesterday and wants the lessons
again. We got a member referral a while ago and we have just been
doing her yard work for a long time and it isnt just some easy work.
We are pulling all the weeds in her yards and she has a lot. Well last
Saturday she accepted us to share a message and we find out that she
is the great great granddaughter of President Wilferd Woldruff. Her
mom went in active in the 1940's and married a Methodist. She never
really knew to much of about the Mormon faith because her mom never
talked about it. She likes the church but she also like the church she
belongs to which is the Congregational church. She feels the Spirit
but I dont think she understands what that means so we will work with
her. The members that are her fellowshippers are really awesome and we
might just have them teach. :) Then we have an investigator who has a
baptismal date for June 25 and he is doing awesome! He brought his
brother this morning to play basketball so thats real good.

So what is going on with the fires in Arizona? Everyone keeps asking
me about them and I have no idea what is going on. Is Havasupai still
fun since the flood and all the changes that happened? Sam make sure
dad gives you his pack so he doesnt burn out. Christy thank you for
the picture of Kyson. He is very cute. :) So to answer Luke's
question: My mission is going good. I am learning a ton of things and
I am helping others know about the Restored Gospel. I really dont
understand how others can believe/ understand the Trinity. They cant
even explain it to me. They usually just tell me thats how it is. But
I am trying. I'll admit some days I get a little lazy which is not
good. I need to work! :/ I learned how to do a Rubik cube. Zane my
companions name is Elder Ralph. He is from Washington. We have taught
a TON of people! I have a really cool lesson about faith, repentance,
baptism, and Holy Ghost. Really it can be played around to fit any
lesson. I have done a restoration with this lesson. But anyways it
involves a tea bag (we found that Bigalow usually works) and asking
people if they think that the tea bag with float from there hand to
the ceiling. It really catches their attention and its just an awesome
lesson! I want to share it when I get home so I wont tell what
happens. We use this lesson a lot and its good for first lesson.
Minnesota is pretty cool. There are a ton of "ponds" here. They may
call them lakes but they are ponds. Some are lakes. There are a lot of
ducks everywhere with babies. The people are very friendly or at least
the areas I have been in. That is cool that you are still playing the
piano! Keep it up! So do you get pennies for playing Wille and Tille?
hehe I actually have played soccer out her and its fun! Are you going
to win? How old are you Zane? haha I dont remember. Eat a lot of
bananas. Thats what I would eat after wrestling or even out here after
we biked a lot. Oh and have your dad give you a message. Thats what he
did for me before I took first at the Deer Valley Tournament. :) hehe
Sydney you are cute! Thank you for your prayers and for not forgetting
me. :D Have you experienced any tornadoes? I have only seen a half of
one and another one was about 4 miles away from me and ended pretty
close. I know its not fun to experience but I think it would be
awesome to see one! haha The people out here love working on their
gardens! I cant wait till things are ready to eat. I want some peaches
so bad!

Thank you all for the love and support! I will talk to you next time!

Elder David Mackey

Monday, June 6, 2011

Elder Mackey's June 6, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,

Well I am doing alright. It is very tough being the Senior Companion.
My companion has been out for a year and a half and he is just not all
into it. :/ I try and work real hard and keep all the commandments but
he fights back or he recognizes it but doesnt change still. I am
having a rough time loving him. I love him a lot but I am starting to
get really lazy like him and I feel really bad. Its tough being in
this kind of companionship and also thinking about investigators and
finding new investigators and thinking about the less active. I talked
to my Zone Leaders and they said to just be obedient the best you can
be and if he doesnt want to change then to tell them or President. I
also feel like my studies are not going the best they could be. Or
well our companionship studies. Today we cleaned the apartment really
well and changed up a few things. It looks a lot better. I need advice
or something to get this companionship rolling like my last transfer.

So we have a new date set who is awesome! He is solid and Golden! He
loves to play basketball so we let him play basket ball in the church
when he can and there are people there. So its getting pretty hot
here. I love it! I would rather it be hot than cold. How is the
weather down there? I heard that there were some big fires in eastern
Arizona. Is there anything new going on with the family? Are there any
new pregnancies? When does Adam leave for Argentina? Are you guys
going to eat the goat? :p I am pretty sick today, I might have a cold
or something. I do not like it. Well I will talk to you all next week!
Thank you for all your prayers and try to stay cool over there. I love
you all!

Elder Mackey

Monday, May 30, 2011

Elder Mackey's May 30, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,

So things have been going pretty smooth I guess. We have one
investigator progressing and thats pretty cool. It has been raining
here like crazy! I have never seen so much rain! Its starting to get
green. There are a lot of colors here. Happy Birthday Jimmy and Happy
Birthday Mother. My studies have been going pretty well. Our finding
have been pretty low so I have been studying in PMG how to find
people. I have been having the feeling that we just need to serve. I
was reading about Ammon and Aaron and the very first thing they do in
contacting in they ask to serve. So I have been applying that in our
finding and it has been going really well. Then I have been studying
the Doctrine of Christ because when we have the the Doctrine of Christ
in our hearts then we will have power to teach. Also I have been
really focused on my pondering. I really need to be humble and one of
the members here we have been talking to who is like the super
missionary family. She has given me some really good advice. That
seems like it was pretty intense prank Mandy. What was their reaction
when they saw it? Well I have to go. I love you all! Thank you for
your prayers!

Elder David Mackey

Monday, May 23, 2011

Elder Mackey's May 23, 2011 e-mail

Dear Family and Friends and whoever reads this chronicle of Elder Mackey,
It was so awesome this week! We had a tornado touch down like 3 miles
away. It has been pretty stormy this past week or two. Its awesome! I
love that I get to experience a tornado sometime in my life. I want it
to touch down where I can I see it but I probably dont. So when it
rains we still ride our bikes everywhere so I get soaked and I ripped
my pants in the place thats embarrassing. We had our last Zone
Conference with President Howell this last Wednesday. I will miss him
and his wife. They have been awesome leaders. It was a great
conference on how to follow the Spirit and have Him there in our
teaching and finding. I play the piano pretty much all the time out
her and I do practice the organ which is not hard because it pretty
much like the piano. I am grateful dad that you made Sunday dinnerbecause I made it for yesterday dinner for our investigators. 15
pounds of chicken, 5 pounds of carrots, 10 pounds of potatoes. We put
it in a crock pot thingy we borrowed from the church and it was sooo
good! We had it at a members home and they were worried that we didnt
bring enough (they didnt know how much we had) but it was plenty. The
only bad thing is all our investigators bailed out on us. It made me
so frustrated! AHHH but oh well, what can I do. I try my best to get
them to church but they never come and I do everything but ugh.....its
just frustrating! So anyways we went around our members home looking
for anyone that would like to have dinner and we found two people. We
taught this lesson we do with a tea bag about faith in Jesus Christbut the Spirit guided this lesson and tailored it to be more on how we
can be taught by the Spirit. It was real neat to experience that.
Thank you very much for the all the letters that many of you have sent
me and for the love and prayers for me! I am truly grateful!

Elder David Mackey

Monday, May 16, 2011

Elder Mackey's May 16, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,

Thank you very much Mandy for the e-mail. It is very interesting that
you put that in there about obedience because my new companion is not
very obedient. Man the mission is so fun!! I just love it when my
companion and I get in a conflict with each other and then the Spirit
leaves but right when we go to work nothing matters except the people
we are serving and all negative feelings we had with each other leave.
I knew I was going to love this companionship! For real. I have been
learning so much about how to better relate to all sorts of people. We
had an awesome week!! We averaged talking to 39.1 people a day with
13.5 of those being good conversations. Oh also one of our
investigators who we have been trying to get to church actually came
yesterday!!!! I was so surprised! Her boyfriend wasnt able to make it
because someone was trying to break in to their apartment so he stayed
there to hold down the fort. Now these investigators are jobless so
they resort to drinking and smoking. The last two appointment we had
with them Edward was way drunk and we kept saying to Patricia that
they cant get the Spirit unless they leave these addiction (but in a
nicer way) At church yesterday she told us that she was sick of
getting drunk and said that she was tired of Edward getting hammered
as well and just wanted a change! :D How the Spirit works in
mysterious ways. I tried something new that mom would tell me to just
smile no matter what. Soo I have just been smiling so big everywhere I
go: tracting, church, apartment, giving direction to my companion. The
response of those has changed so much! They are more interested, they
are nicer, I council with love! Thank you very much for your advice

Thank you very much Katie for your package and the pictures. Socks is
a Mackey present. That bubble gum is so good haha I just eat until the
sour goes away and then throw it away. It was good to see the kids and
Grandma and Grandpa Lee. Thank you very much Luke and Zane for the
letter and picture. :D I am doing great and loving the mission! Zane
the joke about the green grape and the red grape is so funny! The red
grape asked the the green grape, "Man, are you ok? You seem like you
are going to barf." He said this because the green grape looks like he
is sick. hahahaha so funny. Hey Dad I will be needing some money for
meds next week. Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!

Elder David Mackey

Monday, May 9, 2011

Elder Mackey's May 9, 2011 E-Mail

It was soo Awesome to see you all on skype! Yup I am balding but thats
ok. ;) Oh guess what that Juan kid randomly called us and told us that
he was in Nevada for right now and that his phone was dead because he
forgot to bring his charger. So he baught one and said that he is
still interested. (I guess it was his girlfriend we were trying to get
to) Also, Linda called us back after I called her like 6 times hehe
and she said she will be getting out of the hospital probably tomorrow
and that she is still doing awesome in progressing!!! I am happy! So
Transfer calls were today and I will be staying her in New Brighton.
My companion Elder Holmes will be leaving to Alexandria and my new
companion is Elder Ralph. President Howel put me as the senior
companion. Elder Ralph is in my district and I am going to make this
transfer the best! That I have had so far. I know I will be learning a
lot of patience. :D Love you all!!!

Elder David Mackey

Monday, May 2, 2011

Elder Mackey's E-mail dated May 2, 2011 - Plus pics from the start of the Mission

At the Map in the MTC

Elder Mackey and Elder Warner

The District:  Elders Warwood, Stitt, Vienuku, Spencer,
Bingham and Mackey - MTC

President and Sister Howell

Elder Mackey and Elder Steele

Wearing his new Glasses

Dear Family,

Well Juan (the kid on Peters Pl)  wont answer our calls and we went
over there and his girlfriend answered the intercom thingy and she
acted like she wasnt there and then we got in and we knocked on his
door but his girlfriend wouldnt answer the door. She is a Jehovah
Witness and is starting to go back or something. Oh well...on
the 23 of April (I dont know why I didnt put them in there)
we got two new investigators who are way awesome!! They are 21, black
and have a set of new born twins and a 16 month old little boy that is
so cute! The Dad (Dez) wrestles in college and the Mom (Alisha) is
going through Nursing school. The second time we taught them we
pointed out the Spirit and they loved it and we extended them the
baptismal commitment and they accepted 6/4/11. They didnt make it to
church though. They said that their boy was sick. Hopefully they are
not going to forget the feelings they had.

We received a referral from the Zone Leaders and they received it from
some Elders up in St. Cloud. The Elders in St. Cloud have an
investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday and this referral
is his mother. She is moving apartments and needed some help. She
called us and she set up a day and time. Well last Saturday she called
and she was bawling and sounded really depressed. She was canceling
that day for us to move because she was sick. We asked her to at least
meet with us at a members home who is in the same apartment complex.
She said ok. We met with her and she was very very emotional. She has
been going through a ton of trials and she was diagnosed with two
diseases that will kill her sometime (this is what she said) We taught
her about Gods love and the Atonement and how it can help her. We then
gave her a blessing and it was awesome! She said that she could feel
all her fear and stress leave and peace come into her heart. She
planned to come to church the next day but she didnt come and we were
calling her but she wouldnt answer. We were worried for her because we
thought she might have injured herself or something. But we were
persistent in calling and she finally called back and apologized
because she slept in. We met with her around 2:30 and we taught her
the 1st half of the Plan of Salvation. Went real good and we invited
her to come to dinner with us to another members home. A half an hour
before she called crying trying to cancel and we tried everything to
keep her appointment but she wouldnt give in. But we called her back
and offered to give a blessing and that we will be there and she
accepted. It was an awesome time! We watched finding Faith in Christ
and it was a great movie! I think her only problem is that she needs
to stay out of her apartment where she can sit and think about things
and become anxious and stressful and start to have bad thoughts. We
are keeping a eye on her 24/7 what she should do for all our
investigators but she really needs it. Oh she accepted baptism
6/11/11. Her name is Terry Cox. The ward her is really good at doing
missionary work and member missionary work and fellow shipping.

My week was pretty bland. Had exchanges and that was ok. Was kinda
lame. Oh Mandy what mission did you serve in? There is a member who is
from Santiago, Chili and is a convert. There is also a member who is
28-29 who went to San Jose, California English Speaking. His name is
Andrew Fielding. Would you know him Joe? Oh and do you think someone
could get me a GPS? The streets/ roads/ highways freeways are just
randomly put anywhere and there is no orginization. I get lost a lot
and I dont know where north is.

Hey there was a crazy big storm down south east in the United States
and its pretty cool but is our family ok? Like Morg and Katie and The
McClelans (however you spell)

Elder David Mackey

Monday, April 25, 2011

Elder Mackey's April 25, 2011 E-mail - Pictures!

A family we stayed with

BOMB cake

Tavirus and his mom

How about this Rock, Dad?

Elder Steele

Elder Mosley

Awesome car

Dear Family!!
Vern and Jess you better watch those bunnies. haha Thank you everyone
for the cards and the gifts! Thank you Shirley for the movie, it was
awesome! I liked Wes's and his brother (I forget his name) wrestling
match! That was very sneaky Luke. Zane you are getting so big now keep
your hair as long as you can before you turn out like your dad. :D Hal
and Whit are cute plus their younger brother. I am forgetting names.
Brandon's kids thank you and Carter and Gavin it was so cute watching
you guys sings. :D Ella, Caden, and Tay Tay plus Jill and Zack are
really good at singing. haha Where was Jeremy? Val thank you very much
for the sweet card and for the chicken making some macaroni. Did he
get deported? haha Thank you very very very much Sister Tryon and
Rachelle for the letters you send me and for the Easter package.
Sister Johnson and Lauren thank you so much for your presents and
candy and your letters! :D THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Plus for mom and dad
for your love and prayers for me!!! I LOVE EVERYONE! (even when I dont
remember your names)

So this week was awesome! We had great success! So on Saturday I kinda
should of shut my mouth but we were talking to some kids that came out
of the house right after we talked to the mom. I asked if the adults
in the house were doing bad stuff because they were cussing at us and
ya. Well we got a voice mail of this lady yelling at us for telling
their kids that they were doing drugs. I felt so bad. :( That day too
I prayed to have a trial to follow Elder Christoferson's counsel. Well
I got through it. On Wednesday we had a dinner with a member where a
non-member is living with them. I did not know this. So she walked in
during dinner and got some dinner and sat down and I started teaching
her. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and love the Mormons because
she was raised around Mormons her whole life. Her only problem was
that she was already baptized in the Catholic church. We were going to
give the Sister that lives there a blessing and I asked her if she
would like one because she was going to have surgery the following day
and she was really scared and nervous. She wanted one. The Spirit was
so strong in there and right when Elder Holmes started the blessing
she started crying. After the blessing she said that she had a lot of
fear and nervousness before the blessing but right when it started she
felt it all leave and then the Spirit come and give her peace and
comfort, it was so cool! Very spiritual.

I didnt get any mail on my birthday but that was ok. :) I had a lot of
mail before and after. What I have written in my Journal is about a
handicap black boy. He is so funny and I love him so much. We tracted
into them and the mother became an investigator. We go on bike rides
up and down the street with him for like 10 min 2-3 times a week. He
loves it as do I! His name is Tavirus. On Thursday we went by to go
bike riding and we caught them just leaving and Tavirus was asking us
when we were going to come over again (he asks us that every time we
meet with him) and I said tomorrow at 4 and his face lit up and his
smile was so heart melting. I love this kid. As we were riding down
the street (this whole street is 90% black) he was asking/telling
everyone to come to church with him. We asked him to come to church
Sunday. (He didnt make it because he forgot. His mom had to work in
the morning.

Friday was awesome! The Spirit was with us the whole day. Cool
experience: So I learned that every street we pray to tract during
planning the night before, there is always at least one person there
that Heavenly Father wanted us to meet or talk to. We were tracting
this one street, Peters PL NE, and we knocked on a few doors and then
came up to an apartment where you had to buzz in but the buzzers were
on the other side so we skipped it and went to the next building. The
next one was apartments where you had to buzz in and I felt or the
Spirit taught me to look at the number or names and buzz one that you
feel you need to talk to. So I felt like I should push 106.... nobody
answered so I pushed 203 and the door opened right away. I didnt know
who opened it so I went to 106 and the kid was walking down the hall
and I acted like we have already met before and he acted like he was
waiting for us. He wanted us to come in and we taught him a short
lesson and we invited him to be baptized on 6-4-11 and he accepted but
with the intent on when he finds out. His name is Juan and he is 19
living with his girlfriend. His gf is a Jehovah Witness and was having
them come over and teach him but he wasnt really into it. I could see
some of his answers were similar to the JW's teaching. He works at the
Marriot and said that he could read the BoM there (we didnt have
anymore on us at that time). So we learned that when we come up to an
apartment with a buzzer to look at the names/numbers and feel for
which one you should buzz. So the next one I tell Elder Holmes its his
turn to receive revelation at which one to buzz and a lady came down
that looked really depressed. I offered to give her a blessing and she
accepted and so today we will be going over to give her a lesson and a
blessing. Then the next apartment was my turn and we find another guy
who wanted to come to church (never did) and learn more. The day was
very Spirit led. Then we had a sesson planned at night and we were
going to do a Restoration chapel tour and it was awesome and we
invited the investigator to be baptized and he accepted for 6-4-11.
His name is Nate. He is 22 years old and we contacted him while he was
walking drunk. He didnt want to meet with us but gave us his brothers
address and told us to talk to him. We stopped by and he was there and
we taught him a lesson. (he lives there as well)

The next day was awesome as well. I am guessing it was for my birthday
but I hope not. I want it to be awesome for the rest of my mission. We
read the Bom with a member who as Alzheimer's in a rest home and he
wasnt there on Saturday. One of the workers there knows I play piano
so asked if I could play for them. So I just played for 45 min then
taught the worker. (she is so awesome! he three year old son is always
asking questions about Jesus so I gave him a Jesus picture) Then we
helped on of our investigators move (she is going to Wisconsin) and
had a great lesson. Then went to Tavirus to ride with him and then
teach his mom which was a great lesson and invited her to be baptized
and she said when she knows but she also said that she felt really
good about the lesson. Then we came home a little early so I wanted to
go to the apartments behind ours and check up on an investigator and
stop by a potential. Well the Investigator wasnt there but we stopped
by the potential and her whole family was there. They believe in the
rapture I didnt know what that was and they told me. (its bogus, I
didnt say that but something similar) I told them that when the
tribulation has come and she is still there to give us a call. They
laughed A LOT about that and they said ok. On our way out we were
stopped by a lady (everyone in the apartment building is black) who
see's us all the time and didnt want anything to do with us but then
all of the sudden she wanted to know what we do, why we do it, and
whats so important about it. We gave her a BoM and told her to read
it. Then we wanted to have a pot-luck lunch and have it be mexican, we
got chicken for really cheap, then everyone was like ya lets do it and
all the blacks there became our friends. The only thing is we dont
really know how to cook the chicken in a crock pot but it will work.

Then Sunday we had another Spiritual day with many blessings. We did
the same thing while we were tracting and found a new investigator and
then we taught a kid who felt shameful and bad about drinking the
night before and then we met another black kid who does wrestling in
college and has three really cute kids and we taught them and it was
just awesome! We taught 21 lessons that week and our numbers were so
high. The Zone Leaders called us wanting to know what we are doing and
how so they can apply what we are doing. :D it was cool. :) I love you
all! I need to write my Pres. Letter. I got some pictures here. One of
me and my trainer, my new companion, a picture for dad with me on the
rock with the question, "How about this rock dad? You think we can get
this one?" haha one of the family in the last area we stayed with.
Tavirus and his mom. Elder mosley. One crazy thing....BYU Idaho was
here doing a singing thing and Jordan Curtis was in the Choir and I
though he looked familiar. Me trying to make the BOMB cake and failing
at it. haha and another one of me and this awesome car i wanted to

My shoes are great and I dont wear my jackets in a bike area. but no
we dont have to anymore.

Elder David Mackey