Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Mackey's August 29, 2011 E-Mail

Dear Family,
The work here is going pretty well. We had a few days that were slow, no teaching at all or contacting, but that happens in rural areas. We have been really building the trust with the members and it is working really well. There were some less-active and investigators who might of dropped out of our teaching pool because of me being bold but thats what we do. Thats our purpose, to baptize. I tell my companion that (he isnt as bold and doesnt open his mouth too much) why our purpose is to baptize is because that opens the door for their salvation. They may not know it yet but they will. We dont just extend the invite because its a number to write down but because we love them so much that for them to be even more happier is to make those covenants with God and then receive the Spirit and then enter in the straight and narrow path to eternal salvation which is the greatest gift of God. We lost one baptismal date set but we still have one. He went to church all three hours and he loved it. He was bobbing his head in priesthood but he made it. ;p He might want to get baptized even sooner. We will see. So how is Sam doing? I need to write him a letter and Becca too. Has Adam gone to Argentina yet? The weather is getting beautiful now. It is starting to get into the fall season and it is just nice! Oh guess what.....I helped a member of the ward (I pretty much did it for him) put in the inside and outside barrings of his fron wheels for his huge truck. He broke his right hand so he needed me to do it for him. He told me what to do and taught me a lot about cars. It was so cool! :D So now I know how to do barrings and brakes. ;) so dad if you need help, just give me a call...when im home of course. Love you all.
Elder David Mackey

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