Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elder Mackey's February 27, 2012 E-Mail

Dear Family,
Oh Mandy I forgot to thank you for your package! You will be getting a letter soon. So yesterday we had the Restoration fireside through music and it was awesome! I played a lot of the songs and I sang one as well. I didn't have that much time to practice but it all worked out. I made some mistakes but not many. :D It was very successful in that a lot if not all of the members invited a lot of their friends. The only unsuccessful thing was that not very non-members were there. I think there was three and one of them was singing a song. (which was awesome! He is an opera singer) I sang "Oh Lord, My Redeemer" and played as well. I was hoping to just sing it because I dont do that much and I want to get better at doing that.
We had a lesson with a part-member family and it was amazing! To see the Lord prepare this family, and it wasnt just a few days but years, and the change in them is humbling. I really learn that I am just a tool in Heavenly Fathers hands doing the work that he wants me to do. I had a member teach me amazing truth yesterday and the showed me that patience is implied in everything. It took him 6 years to learn this one thing.
Ha ha there is now James Bernard Mackey the 3rd. Is he a little guy? I want to see pictures! Send me one in the mail if you could! Yea for Adam! I hope he does go Spanish! How awesome! Man I am so jealous that he knows Spanish. I think I will need my one wisdom tooth that is halfway out pulled. who knows. Thank you for all your prayers! This week we sould be getting some snow. This is suppose to be the biggest storm this year. We did get snow last week and luckily we didtn have to bike in it! Well I need to go. Talk to ye'all later! 
Elder David Mackey

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elder Mackey's February 6, 2012 E-mail

Hey Family,
Alright Valentine's Packages! Whoo-hoo!!! I am doing pretty well. Donna, our baptismal date set, is doing awesome! She has tried to put back to baptismal date to like April. She gave a good excuse because she wanted her son to baptize her but wasn't able to do it till April because he does MMA fighting for a living and will be done with his fights in April. But as we taught her with her sister she decided to keep the baptismal date because her mother has been coming to her in her dreams and her sister said that their ancestors are getting antsy and want their work done. So she is determine to keep her date and quit smoking. Please pray for Donna Takayama to quit smoking!
So yesterday I wanted to take a short cut to get home. It turned out to be a very long cut but was worth doing.  Elder Earley and I walked on water! Yes we walked across the lake to the other side. We actually rode our bikes some of the way until Elder Earley slipped and fell. It is very hard to walk on the ice with no traction on your shoes. It was a little scary because I don't know ice very well and there were a lot of cracks some places and I was thinking we were going to die. ha ha but Elder Earley said they were "deep" cracks, whatever that means, and so I just kept praying. They have Zamboni's that go over the lakes and smooth them out so people can go ice skating. I think yesterday the ice was at 14 feet.
Things are going great! Thank you for the Let....or wait havent received any yet ha ha. Thank you for your prayers! I love you all.
Elder David Mackey