Monday, July 18, 2011

Elder Mackey's July 19, 2011, E-Mail

Dear Family,

Thank you all for your letters!!! I really look forward for checking
the mail. Its weird because I never thought I would care for letters
but they really brighten my day! Thank you so much Sister Johnson for
everything you do for me while I serve. :) Brittany how is the letter
writing going with Elder Mosley? How was the trek? I loved the trek
when I went. Very spiritual. How was the trip up to Boise? Jeremy,
thank you for your e-mails and especially the ones with your blog
postage. Mom your letter came at just the right time! Thank you for
your encouragment. Let me know how the trip goes.  Last Thursday we
went to the temple and it was wonderful. It is a little different with
a small temple but everything is the same. :) Yesterday was a very
very very hot day especially with the humidity. Elder Truman was
really getting effected from it. We had to go in early because he was
getting sick and close to heat stroke. Things are going really awesome
here. So we met with an investigator who has been meeting with the
missionaries since 2008. He was dropped and last transfer I felt like
we should contact him. We started to teach him and he still was
hesitant abut getting baptized and he pretty much was a social
butterfly. Well the last time we met we invited him to be baptized and
he said no. We said then to pray about it and call us to let us know
what his answer is. This morning we got a call from him and he told us
he wants to be baptized!!! He said that after we left his apartment he
felt like he needed to be baptized. I was praying for him every day
and night. Oh this is so awesome!! I think I go through trials which
proceed the miracle. Now I am sick again with the cold. is so
hard to work hard.  Just like ether 12:6. We had some Elders in the
singles ward apartment roof collapse from all the rain we had. We got
a ton of rain and there was a lot of flooding. Well I need to get
going. I love you all and give me tips about what I should write. I
know its now been 7 months and I still dont have it down but I will
get it down. haha

Elder David Mackey

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