Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elder Mackey's April 9, 2012 E-mail

Dear Family,
Ya I know my writing has gotten really bad lately. I dont know why it is so hard to write letters home. I love Cedar Lake Ward. I am staying her another transfer. This is a new record!! The longest I have stayed in an area, 4 Transfers. President told me that I have found my area. I am still District Leader and my district is changing a little bit. All companionships will be getting new companions. Elder Earley is being transfered down south and I will be getting Elder Larson. I knew him a little. He is an Opera singer. He is also a spanish missionary so Cedar Lake will become a zebra area! I will learn spanish a little bit better! Yea. I am also probably going to perform in our stakes musical fireside. I need to practice more piano. I dont play that much. :(
Happy Easter to all! Easter was fun with the members! We went to a members parents home and had dinner. His parents are not members and his dad has MS. Talking about the Atonement with them was very spiritual. The dad told us that he is ready to get baptized but hsi mom was a little iffy. We went on a walk with the family and it was so nice outside. The weather here is so AWESOME!!!
Our mission as a whole has been studying the Atonement with these talks prepared by the president. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Bednar. He talked about Mosiah 3:19 and emphazised on "...and becometh a SAINT through the Atonement of Christ..." that the Atonement is not just for our sins but for our becoming. He quoted David O. McKay, "The gospel makes bad men good and good men better." Then the scripture lists the qualities of a saint. When I think of the Atonement I usually think of repentance from sin and strength thorugh trails but I never think of changing me and becoming.
I hope everyone had a great Easter! The Savior lives! Thank you so much Jill for the package! It was so fun and great to see the pictures. The kids are growing up so much! I love the picture of Caden kicking the football! Thats a big downer that your not getting married Trev. Will you get back together or are you still engaged? I am sorry about that. You seem like you are really in-love with her.
 Funny Quote: "Baby you know that I love you and I hope you comrehend. My body is a temple and you got no recommend. " hahaha Sons of Provo.
Elder David Mackey