Friday, September 30, 2011

Elder Mackey's September 26, 2011 E-mail

Dear Mandy,
So we found General Conference 2008 on CD in the apartment so we have been listening to that all the time in the car. It was great! So the Weather here "I think" is getting a little cold. The people here say it is really nice and great but I think it is cold. They laugh at me. I thought I was ready for the winter but then I am remembering that my toes froze a lot. :/ I do miss the one season state. Its easy to prepare for that...shorts or shorts. :D
I am finding out that my companion is very different than I am. He is too laid back and tells me that I need to be more "loose". He is just a green bean though haha. I just laugh. Anyways this week was pretty hard, we received a lot of discouragement. I mean we got a huge package with the sender Satan, Lucifer. (that was a dumb joke hehe) That's the thing though. We can be interested and open it up and get the surprise or just leave it alone and still have a positive attitude and receive the blessings from God.
Its hard for me to write right now because my feelings are going all over the place. :/ Thank you for your prayers Mandy. I love you very much. I read the letters you gave me before I left on my mission this morning. Thank you so much for those letters. :) They are great council for me to follow. I think I am being a worry wart. ha

Elder David Mackey

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