Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elder Mackey's July 12, 2011 E-Mail

Elder Mackey and ... Trevor!!??!!!

Those pictures are crazy! (dust storm) I never knew it was as bad as the middle
east! So we met our new mission president, President Clements, and his
wife and daughter yesterday so our p-day was pushed. But we are going
to the Temple for the first time out here on Thursday so I am pretty
stoked about that. I really need a spiritual refreshing. It was really
crazy to see Trevor last Wednesday. I was not expecting that. We
walked in and we were staring at Jenny wondering who she was (cuz her
face was hidden by the plant) and why she was recording us. Then BAM!!
"hi Dave!" It was awesome to see him and Jenny. I seriously think they
should get married. Trev, even the Dewitt's say that you two should as
well. I hope I look good because I weigh 200lbs. That is a ton of

We had a baptism last Thursday! His name was Kaich Ogul. He was part
of a part member family and we just asked him to be baptized and he
wanted to the next day but we had to wait to set things up. I had my
first exchange and he taught me more than I taught him. I feel so
inadequate for this calling. My companion just biffed on his bike like
three times today. It was pretty funny. Well I really dont have
anything else. I love you all.

Elder David Mackey

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