Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elder Mackey's E-mail dated 8/8/11

Elder Truman and Elder Mackey

Elder. Mackey


"The only cute chick I am allowed to Kiss"

Shoppin' at Walmart
Dear Family,

Thank you all for your letters and packages!! I appreciate them so
much! So out here in Farmington is just like the name...there are a
ton of farms. It reminds me of Grandma and Grandpas' house. :) Its a
car area because everything is so spread out. We have some pretty cool
investigators and some very interesting ones. The work out in a rural
area is very slow because there is no city area where people walk
around. Here is a picture of my old companion. Oh they made me
district leader but now I was demoted because I guess something went
wrong down south so they had to combine my district with another and
they made him the district leader. So there are some pictures I
attached. There is a bald eagle out here in my area. I havent seen it
yet but I am hoping too. I found another hawk and it was watching over
its babies from a distance. In new Brighton we had a fiesta for the
Spanish in my ward and it was so fun. One of the spanish sisters makes
Pinatas for fun and she made some pretty cool ones. The kids had a
blast. So did I. :p One is of me trying to kiss the only chick I can
on my mission. ;P but it looks kinda funny but its still cool. A part
member family have a farm and its way cool to go and play.

Oh and Valerie's Mike, have you started your falcon training? Tell me
about that. There is a kid who wants to be a falconer and wants to
know all that stuff and so do I in case I catch a hawk out here. :p

My new companion like I said before is Elder Waller. He is from
Gilbert, Arizona and is the 2nd of 2 in his family. He loves to write
and he can just make up lyrics. He is really good so we are thinking
about making a show or something to invite people to. He has been out
a year and he is probably one of the most spiritual companion I have
ever had. He is very good. More pictures will come because this area
is very cool. I love you all and have a great week!

Elder David Mackey

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