Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elder Mackey's October 31, 2011, E-Mail

Dear Mandy,
Wow Adam is amazing!!! He has so much faith! Way to go for him. I did send him an e-mail. Man I wish I had that kind of experience.
So it is getting really cold now. It was pretty foggy today and chilly. I am now in East Bloomington. I am in Presidents ward with the AP's. This ward is awesome!! They help out so much with missionary work its just crazy! We really don't have to do much except tract, teach, study, and be obedient. So my companion, Elder Whitehead, and I white washed the area so we knew nothing here. He has never served here and he actually has never been in a bike area and he goes home in 2 transfers. We just had a wedding followed by a baptism this last Saturday. It was awesome! We got in here with a baptism and wedding. That was pretty much it though. We don't have anyone else. Maybe one but we called and she said she wasn't interested. There hasn't been missionaries in this area for 2 weeks. But we were visiting a less-active and as we were coming out Elder Whitehead contacted a lady who was walking by. We invited her to come to church and she said she had a previous engagement but felt she needed to go. She did and she had a great experience. It was the Primary Program. There was this one kid who got up there and started to say his part and then he says "I don't remember anymore" loudly and throws the mic up and gets down. It was so funny. So yes this is a bike area and it is a huge one and I will be in it for probably the whole winter. My companion is awesome! He works hard and he contacts really well. He teaches with the Spirit and finds with the Spirit. We cook a lot here which is good because I am getting really good at it. :) Although I do need recipes that are good. And spices, good ones please. :) Maybe not as good as Kevin and Ju. I did not get Her package yet. :( The ward had it last Friday but we were thrown into the ward and we didn't know about it so we didn't attend.
The Police story is not even that cool. We just tracted into this one house and the girlfriend was really interested and was trying to leave the place. We stopped by again and the guy answered and he was really mad and said that he was going to call the cops because we were there again and said stuff about our church that was not true so I wanted to beat him up but I said have a great night and left. Ya I probably made it sound like it was intense but it really wasn't. 
I think we are finally on our feet here in this area and now we will be working our butts off I hope. I love you all! Oh, I have a request, Can everyone in the family send me a letter in the mail, like every person, and send it so I get them all on the same day. I just think it would be so funny for the lady in the office. So just coordinate it with everyone. You don't even have to send me a long letter. It could be a little note on a 3 by 5 note card. :) Also all the nieces and nephews send me something and send it in its own envelope. I hope you guys agree. ;) I love you and thank you for your prayers. :)
Elder Mackey

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