Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elder Mackey's December 5, 2011 E-mail

Dear Mandy,
I am doing wonderful! The work here goes pretty well I guess or well at least as far as I see it and then I get transferred. We had 14 investigators with one who was making such a big change in his life. His name is Mitchell and he was a gang buster who went to jail for a long time. He was actually in the Florence jail in AZ. But anyways he really changed his life around and his giving it all to the Lord. He is like King Lamoni's father in Alma 22. He gave God 30 days of no drinking and asked the Lord to help him. Then after the 30 days he will be done for good. It was a miracle because after that he said the desire left him. Man its so awesome! Like I said though I get transferred always. But that's ok, I need to change all these habits I have of mine and gain a new life. I am going to Cedar Lake in the Anoka stake. It was near where I served in New Brighton. So yes everything is sent to the mission home. Then they forward it to where I am serving. Its better that way just in case I get transferred it doesnt go to my old area and I cant get it back until a much longer time. So just send it to the Mission home unless you are wanting to use Fed Ex or UPS then let me know and I will give you the address where I am living but its tricky near the transfer date since I wont know if I will be getting transferred or not. Ya last week I was not in the mood to e-mail. I just dont know what to say in the 45 min I have. I did recently receive a letter from mom but it was after Tuesday I think. Hey so does everyone want to talk to me on skype or just over the phone? Skype was a little to hard to talk to certain people. Maybe just the phone. Well we had a mission Christmas conference this Sunday but since I am getting transferred the one I will be going to will be on the 18. I was thinking about doing something but then I had second thoughts. I just love the Christmas season though! The Spirit is so strong and it is just awesome! It seems that poeple are more open at this time of year.    
Dad's party sound like it was fun! I really want to see pictures of Dad's cake! Sounds like it was amazing and very artistic. When I get home everyone is going to look so different! There will even be new faces. Good luck Jacob on your boards! You are in my prayers! Way to go Orrin for passing them! That is awesome!

I thought I knew everything about being a missionary but every transfer I learn that there is more. I was talking to Elder Whitehead about this and he gave the thought that I am not "emotionally attached to my mission." I talked with my mission president and he gave me some great scriptures to ponder on. The first one was Matthew 10:37-39. I need to lose my self in the work or forget about my old life and receive the new life that Christ gave me. D&C 121:33-46 where I need to do this for the glory of God and not my and to trust in Him and put aside my pride. Pride comes in many forms. Then he told me to memorize Mosiah 3:19. I need to be humble and willing to submit to God just as a child. Keep up the work and stay sweet! Trust in God!  

Elder David Mackey

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