Sunday, October 16, 2011

Elder Mackey's October 10, 2011 E-Mail

Dear Mandy,
Well it was pretty hot during the beginning of the week. We had to start wearing suits all the time now (except on bikes) and I think someone complained to the President (which I'm glad) that it was to hot for suits. So they moved it to last Friday. It has been really nice. There are leaves EVERYWHERE. Its so fun to bike right next to the curb and then put my foot down and gather a huge pile of leaves that makes it up to my lap. Crazy huh? How is Grandpa doing with his recovery? I love them. :D Was the fair fun? I dont remember ever going to any fairs. I went to one down here and it is way boring. Cool animals but ya not my way of entertainment. Actually I went to a fair in Mesa with the Blood family and Lauren went to. Did you throw up at all? Which one did you go on? the one off of the movie Sand lot? :P
On Sunday we had an amazing lesson to end the day. We are teaching a women whose husband is in Iraq right now. She has four kids. She said she was going to make it to church earlier but didnt make it for some reason. We were a little bumbed and we tried getting a hold of her throughout the week but were unable so we were nervous that she dropped us. I was praying and praying that this lesson will not fall through and it didnt. We were able to get two Sisters there to the appoinment and we decided to teach CPR (church, pray, read) instead of throughing more information on her with the plan of salvation and it was very spiritual. Everyone in the room was crying (except me) and it was just awesome! It boosted my excitement and will to do better. (And then all of the sudden I got a ton of rejection and cops called on us the next day)
Thank you for the quotes! I love you Mandy! You are awesome!
Elder David Mackey

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