Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elder Mackey's November 7, 2011 E-mail


Dear Mandy,
haha Sorry I wont do that again. I was going to do it all black and then you had to highlight it but then I thought that was dumb.
My week is went pretty well. Its like we are starting from scratch. Its tough getting the area going. There are pictures of Elder Whitehead and I raking the leaves of our new investigator. There were a ton of leaves. It was fun, I am having a lot of fun with Elder Whitehead. Another investigator that we obtained while we were here as a date set for November 22. That was pretty cool. Tracting on Halloween was fun too. Although we were talking to a group of young kids and their parents and one of the kids kept hitting me in the face. He did it like 5 times. haha It was hard for me not to pick him up and throw him...not really but man. We got candy while we tracted and some people would talk to us. But very ineffective.
I still have not received any packages yet or letters. :( I hear that they are thinking about having the post office be closed on Saturdays. I hope that doesn't happen but I think it has or will. Thank you for all of the notes that you wrote and mom sent to me. :D They made me smile and feel loved! I forgot to take them with me today so I cant really respond specifically but I will next week hopefully. I will write it down in my planner. 
That is an awesome story/ miracle that your ward had! That is so EXCITING!  Keep me in the know about the families that are still going. I love hearing stories of re-activation.
Elder David Mackey

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