Monday, June 13, 2011

Elder Mackey's June 13, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family!

So Kate I think you took over the job today to send everyone a letter.
Thank you for writing me. This past week was pretty tough. I was sick
and still am. I dont know when I will get well, plus my companion is
sick as well. He caught what I have so he is in the first stages of it
with the sore throat and changed voice. Then my bike broke like big
time and I was without a bike for a long time so our work went way
down. I would just sit on my companions rack on the back to get to
different places. haha it looked really funny. Although this past week
was actually very successful. We are working with a less active to get
her back to church and then to the temple. Then another less active
all of the sudden showed up at church yesterday and wants the lessons
again. We got a member referral a while ago and we have just been
doing her yard work for a long time and it isnt just some easy work.
We are pulling all the weeds in her yards and she has a lot. Well last
Saturday she accepted us to share a message and we find out that she
is the great great granddaughter of President Wilferd Woldruff. Her
mom went in active in the 1940's and married a Methodist. She never
really knew to much of about the Mormon faith because her mom never
talked about it. She likes the church but she also like the church she
belongs to which is the Congregational church. She feels the Spirit
but I dont think she understands what that means so we will work with
her. The members that are her fellowshippers are really awesome and we
might just have them teach. :) Then we have an investigator who has a
baptismal date for June 25 and he is doing awesome! He brought his
brother this morning to play basketball so thats real good.

So what is going on with the fires in Arizona? Everyone keeps asking
me about them and I have no idea what is going on. Is Havasupai still
fun since the flood and all the changes that happened? Sam make sure
dad gives you his pack so he doesnt burn out. Christy thank you for
the picture of Kyson. He is very cute. :) So to answer Luke's
question: My mission is going good. I am learning a ton of things and
I am helping others know about the Restored Gospel. I really dont
understand how others can believe/ understand the Trinity. They cant
even explain it to me. They usually just tell me thats how it is. But
I am trying. I'll admit some days I get a little lazy which is not
good. I need to work! :/ I learned how to do a Rubik cube. Zane my
companions name is Elder Ralph. He is from Washington. We have taught
a TON of people! I have a really cool lesson about faith, repentance,
baptism, and Holy Ghost. Really it can be played around to fit any
lesson. I have done a restoration with this lesson. But anyways it
involves a tea bag (we found that Bigalow usually works) and asking
people if they think that the tea bag with float from there hand to
the ceiling. It really catches their attention and its just an awesome
lesson! I want to share it when I get home so I wont tell what
happens. We use this lesson a lot and its good for first lesson.
Minnesota is pretty cool. There are a ton of "ponds" here. They may
call them lakes but they are ponds. Some are lakes. There are a lot of
ducks everywhere with babies. The people are very friendly or at least
the areas I have been in. That is cool that you are still playing the
piano! Keep it up! So do you get pennies for playing Wille and Tille?
hehe I actually have played soccer out her and its fun! Are you going
to win? How old are you Zane? haha I dont remember. Eat a lot of
bananas. Thats what I would eat after wrestling or even out here after
we biked a lot. Oh and have your dad give you a message. Thats what he
did for me before I took first at the Deer Valley Tournament. :) hehe
Sydney you are cute! Thank you for your prayers and for not forgetting
me. :D Have you experienced any tornadoes? I have only seen a half of
one and another one was about 4 miles away from me and ended pretty
close. I know its not fun to experience but I think it would be
awesome to see one! haha The people out here love working on their
gardens! I cant wait till things are ready to eat. I want some peaches
so bad!

Thank you all for the love and support! I will talk to you next time!

Elder David Mackey

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