Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Elder Mackey's March 19, 2012 E-mail

Dear Family,
This past week has been so AWESOME!! I have been experiencing the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Ghost the whole week...until Saturday. Dang Saint Patties Day! I have been more aware of the little promptings and have been so grateful! Then as I ponder those experiences I recognize that my whole mission I have bee guided by his influence my whole mission. Some of my experiences was just a thought put into my mind then I followed it and see blessings! One of our potential investigators died. It wasn't because of a bizarre accident but just old age. That was an experience as we followed the Spirit. We just met them the day before we were driving by and saw an ambulance in front of their house. When we saw them, the husband, Leroy, wasn't looking so good and my companion said that he looks like how when his grandpa did before he died. And so he died two days ago. :( But he is in a better place getting taught the gospel! 
Being a District Leader is fun! The last district meeting we had was very spiritual and uplifting. Everyone received revelation and information on what to apply in our lives. I liked it because it wasn't just me giving a talk but I sat with them at their level and talked with them.
The Weather has been SO AWESOME!!!!! It has been perfect! Its getting pretty hot now though. I am afraid of the summer. Its going to get real hot I bet. :( Wait that means I will lose a lot of weight!!! YEA haha.
So I was wondering if I could get some supplies. I need some sticky note pads, some 3X5 notecards, Elder Earley says some chicken, and some love! :D I love you all!!!
Elder David Mackey

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elder Mackey's March 12, 2012 E-mail

I am doing amazing! We had a baptism this last Saturday and a confirmation! Donna Takayama was baptized! I was able to see someone whom I started to teach and then see her get baptized. Elder Earley performed the baptism and I confirmed her. This past week I have been recognizing being led by the Spirit and I see that this whole time I have been led by the Spirit. We got in contact with a member referral and we taught them a lesson. These new investigators are pretty old and the husband (Leroy) didn't look too good. We mainly talked to Shirley, the wife. Well the next day we were driving by and I happened to look over and I saw an ambulance infront of their house. I called up the member and told her. Well we tried to stop by but they left already so I didnt know what hospital they went to. The day went on and we had the baptism. After we were going to go to Donna's house for dinner and we drove by the hospital they were at and then we got a text that Leroy probably wont make it he needs a blessing. So we turned around and stay with her for 2 hours to keep her company until the member got there. I know we were there and gone that certain way because we were suppose to keep her company. God is great!
The weather here has be AMAZING!!! It is already spring yesterday!!!! The winter is done and it only dropped below zero twice and it wasnt very much. Thank you for your prayers! Or maybe the people here really need to repent. ;D These past few weeks have been a little lonely. Thank you so much Valerie for the package and the PICTURES! I got a ray of sunlight! I love you all!
Elder David Mackey