Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elder Mackey's October 18, 2011 E-mail

Amanda says "FYI - I asked him why he was emailing on Tuesday in stead of Monday, and I asked why the cops were called and what happened."
No for real. It wasnt bad, we just walked away from the house. We e-mailed on Tuesday because it was Columbus Day and the Libraries were closed (they actually weren't, only some of them) so they said we could e-mail on Tuesday. We are gaining a lot of trust with the Ward! This is awesome because now the ward will hopefully begin to give us referrals. But that is not the hightlight of my week. So this last Friday Elder Cook came to visit the mission. It was so awesome! The first thing he did was shook all our hands and ask us where we were from. Then he explained why he did that. He was giving us a "spiritual interview" where he looks into our eyes and see how we are doing. I knew they did something like that! He said that everyone looked good spiritually and physically. He talked about how we need to focus on having all those we are teaching keep commitments.  His wife spoke too and she is a very musically inclined person. Very sweet. Also, President Clements worked for Elder Cook in a law firm and they have known each other for a very long time so they are really good friends. Its starting to get cold here like 50 - 45 defreeze!!! I need to go and take my boy to get some warm winter stuff. I love you all! 

Elder David Mackey

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