Monday, July 25, 2011

Elder Mackey's July 25, 2011 E-mail

WHOA!!!! Mandy are you engaged!? I see a ring on your left hand. haha
just teasing. ;D I dont know the quote. We played basketball this
morning and I just rolled my ankle pretty bad. It hurts a lot. :/ Once
again we had some very crazy storms and then very very hot and humid
days. The teaching has been going pretty well. As a mission we have
been talking about ideas on how we can double the baptisms this month
and consistently. We are wanting to baptize a branch in the month of
August. This week is the week where the whole mission invites 1000
people to be baptized! This week is going to be fun. :D So where is
Val and Mike go? Why are you making baby quilts? The new mission
President got a law degree and maybe he can get a job for you eh?
Whenever I talk to him I always forget to ask him. He is way
legitimate. Dad I never thought you could stay awake for that long!
haha just kidding. What was your favorite part of the trek dad? Did
you do anything else other than move toilets? What is Adam doing
during the summer? I thought he was going down to Argentina.

So we met this lady while she was walking with her 4 year old daughter
back to her place. She lost her food stamp card and she was looking
for it in the grass. We offered to say a prayer for her and she
accepted. We all then looked for it. We found it in 2 min. It was
awesome. Then we taught her a lesson later that night with a joint
teacher. I made some cups for the "cup lesson." It has pictures of the
old and new apostles and some other truths. It was so funny because we
got to the point in the lesson where after the restoration God
restored His Twelve Apostles again to the earth. She gave the funniest
response I have ever had. After I said that she took the cup and she
is looking at both the sides and then says, "Are you for real?" in her
black lady accent. haha She seemed pretty solid but now she is not
keeping her appointments. Another time we met this group of black men
with white girlfriends and the black men were talking with Elder
Truman and I was talking to this other black man with the half black
kids and Elder Truman wanted to say a prayer with the guys and they
said sure so I am just an onlooker and haha I see Elder Truman with
these other 2 guys holding hands in a circle. Elder Truman starts with
the prayer and he pauses to get his thoughts and then the guy next to
him says what he says. Then the guys next to him copies that. haha So
the whole prayer they are saying the same things that Elder Turman is
saying. It was funny because when Elder Truman would say a long
sentence the others would be like how a primary child would be when
there are a lot of words. haha oh man it was fun.

I love to hear the other missionaries in the ward. Thank you so much
Tryon Family for getting those out to me. I also love hearing how your
family is doing. I thought it was funny what you said Rachelle about
meeting the Cadaver in heaven. haha

Thank you all for you love and pray for my ankle please. :D Its
getting fat and ugly. haha But also pray for the people in New

Elder David Mackey

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