Monday, June 20, 2011

Elder David Mackey's June 20, 2011 e-mail

Elder Mackey and Elder Ralph

Dear Family,
Well so this week was awesome!!! We had so many miracles these past
two weeks. Last week we taught 22 lessons!!! A sad thing though is our
investigator who had a date set June 25th didn't come to church
yesterday and told us that we are pushing. Satan was really working
hard on his family but I really think it was a good thing because we
need to get into his home and teach so the whole family can hear the
Gospel and feel the Spirit. We have another investigator whose name is
James and when we first met with him he was hanging out with the wrong
crowd and getting into trouble. We started meeting with him everyday
to read the Book of Mormon to help him get better at reading because
he had a brain injury as well and his difficulty was reading and
spelling so everyday we read for about an hour and actually he reads
it all and he is loving it. Its crazy from the first day he started to
now. There is so much improvement! He loves reading because he feels
happy and he loves going to church because he feels happy!!!!! Big
miracle! After we read he sometimes will want to play me chess but I
always beat him. Not to be prideful in anyway. That's why it is only
sometimes because some days he doesn't want to be beat. But I told him
I could teach him to play better. It was so funny because the first
day we met with him he was so confident that he could beat anyone (he
was a little buzzed) and I played him and beat him in four moves. Man
I love this area!!! We are meeting so many awesome people! Transfer
calls was yesterday because the mission president is leaving. My
companion Elder Ralph is being transfered to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
and I will be getting Elder Truman. I was also assigned to be the new
District Leader. Ah man it was so surprising! I am a little nervous.
haha  I dont know what to do! This will be an adventure! I love you
all and please keep me in your prayers. Thank you for praying for me
and pray for the work to move forward in this area! Thank you dad for
sending me money to fix my bike!
Elder David Mackey

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