Monday, August 1, 2011

Elder Mackey's August 1, 2011 E-mail

Dear Family,

Right now there has been some huge thunderings. Big deep rumbles,
shakes everything. Ok, So I have to start off with this first. So
Elder D. Todd Christofferson came to visit our ward yesterday!! He
came in with his son yesterday to help him move into our ward. Then on
Sunday he was just randomly there! I shook his hand twice and I asked
him, "why dont you have a tag like us?" and he said that he isn't as
special as we are!! I had a tiny little conversation with
him.....crazy!!! haha He went to Sunday school with us and priesthood.
He is so cool. He also spoke in Sacrament meeting. Good talk about
taking the name of Jesus upon us and what it means. Oh, also the other
Elders in my ward had two baptisms on Saturday and he stood in the
circle for both of the confirmations. It was pretty cool. :D

So Transfer Calls were today and I will be leaving New Brighton and
going to Farmington. I will stay as District Leader. My new Companion
is Elder Waller. He was in my district when I first got to New
Brighton so I know him a little. Elder Truman will be staying and he
will be training a new missionary. I am ready for a change of scenery
so I felt that I was going to change. I was kinda ready to leave this
area. I really like it but ya I dont know. Anywho, I will pray for you
Mandy to get that job. ;D Ya my ankle hurts still and is still sore
and swollen. It didnt get bruised up like last time but it looks like
the knuckle has moved or something. I will be getting an X-ray
sometime in the next week. Here in New Brighton we dont have a problem
getting new investigators but we the problem is keeping them and
having them progress. :/ We have some solid investigators and I hope
they stay interested. One investigator said that if I get transfered
she wont meet with the missionaries. I told her that one of us will
stay and she needs to stay meeting with them. I will see her tomorrow
and play the piano for her.

My feelings have been going all over the place. Its weird and
confusing to me. Thats probably the biggest struggle right now. But
just like mom told me, I just keep working and getting better each
day. Like those baby steps Katie. ;) Thank you very much Grandma for
writing me a letter last week. :D I will write you one this week or
next week if I dont have time because of packing. I promise. I love
you very much and I am grateful for you letters. I will pray for
Grandpa that he will get better. I also received a letter from the
Balls, Matt is getting married. Sweet! I love you all and thank you
very very much for you prayers. :D

Elder David Mackey

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