Monday, May 23, 2011

Elder Mackey's May 23, 2011 e-mail

Dear Family and Friends and whoever reads this chronicle of Elder Mackey,
It was so awesome this week! We had a tornado touch down like 3 miles
away. It has been pretty stormy this past week or two. Its awesome! I
love that I get to experience a tornado sometime in my life. I want it
to touch down where I can I see it but I probably dont. So when it
rains we still ride our bikes everywhere so I get soaked and I ripped
my pants in the place thats embarrassing. We had our last Zone
Conference with President Howell this last Wednesday. I will miss him
and his wife. They have been awesome leaders. It was a great
conference on how to follow the Spirit and have Him there in our
teaching and finding. I play the piano pretty much all the time out
her and I do practice the organ which is not hard because it pretty
much like the piano. I am grateful dad that you made Sunday dinnerbecause I made it for yesterday dinner for our investigators. 15
pounds of chicken, 5 pounds of carrots, 10 pounds of potatoes. We put
it in a crock pot thingy we borrowed from the church and it was sooo
good! We had it at a members home and they were worried that we didnt
bring enough (they didnt know how much we had) but it was plenty. The
only bad thing is all our investigators bailed out on us. It made me
so frustrated! AHHH but oh well, what can I do. I try my best to get
them to church but they never come and I do everything but ugh.....its
just frustrating! So anyways we went around our members home looking
for anyone that would like to have dinner and we found two people. We
taught this lesson we do with a tea bag about faith in Jesus Christbut the Spirit guided this lesson and tailored it to be more on how we
can be taught by the Spirit. It was real neat to experience that.
Thank you very much for the all the letters that many of you have sent
me and for the love and prayers for me! I am truly grateful!

Elder David Mackey

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