Monday, March 21, 2011

Elder Mackey's March 21, 2011 Letter to Dad

Happy Birthday Mandy!!!!!!! Here is the e-mail that I am sending to dad. :)

Hello Daddy,

I don't know why I was having a hard time. Thank your for your letter
and your love dad! I love you very much and I want to make you happy.
I love teaching the Gospel too, in fact we picked up a ton more
investigators. But like you said most of the appointments fall
through. The people are friendly and they are Minnesota nice, or they
don't know how to say no, and they are not interested because they
have there own church. I actually went to a Lutheran church on
and it was different. They have like 500 hymns. Afterward the
pastor talked to us and he was very nice and did not bash with us at
all. He let me play a song, Savior Redeemer of My Soul from the Joseph
Smith book
, and I bore my testimony. The investigators that brought us
I know felt the Spirit but then on the way home they were saying that
our religion is not right. They kept going in circles and its amazing
how they cant see it at all saying that we don't need baptism but we
don't but its not really necessary. The people out here are set in
their traditions and so it is real hard to get them out. We have this
one investigator that does dialysis because he lost both his kidneys
from too much drinking. He went from no church to a denominational
. We tracted into him and he said that we can come back. We
taught him about the book of Mormon and how you can apply it to
yourself. He like the verses in there a lot. We did Heleman 5:12. He
wanted to bring it to a Bible study class that he goes to. Well we
caught him in his truck and he stopped and he was going to drop us
right there but we asked him what his problems were and he had friends
tell him anti stuff. well we answered his questions and he felt better
about us because it didn't make sense to what they were saying since
we are nice guys and don't teach what they were saying. But then just
yesterday he said that he is fine with his church so he was dropping
us. Bummer. We worked hard this week and we achieved 20 lessons. It
was awesome cuz we got 17 Saturday night and Sunday we had like 3 or 4
scheduled. All of them but one fell through. We had one with a member
so we needed just one more and we had tracting left. So our faith was
put to the test. Door after door and person after person we get
nothing. No interest at all. There was this big hill we were on and we
didn't want to waste all that force we were getting by turning sharp
to where we needed to go to go to the next house. So we went to this
place that we were not going to tract that night and turned around and
we were coming back and caught 4 kids coming out of their car. (God
placed them into our path) We talked to them for a few minuets and
then I asked if we could teach them a short lesson. We taught them
about God and a little about His characteristics and His plan for us.
Taught them how to pray and I asked one of them to kneel down and say
the pray. They all want to learn more but there is one that seems like
he is serious. They are all coming out to play some dodge ball with us
today. We are having a lot of success. We actually had a baptism
Saturday and I comfirmed him on Sunday. His name was Alex and he is a
9 year old. The family is way cool and very humble. Thank you for your
e-mail dad. I love the quotes you gave me, especially the boxing one,
and they will help me through my whole mission. Keep them coming
though. I love quotes! :D I hope you are doing well and that the wall
is getting finished! :) Thank you so much for teaching me how to work
and to work hard. I know I didnt do it all the time but I am now
seeing that it is blessing my life. Please continue to pray for me and
my investigators and also could you pray that I will learn to pray ALL
the time? I love you all!

Elder David Mackey

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