Saturday, March 19, 2011

Elder Mackey's February 28, 2011 Letter

Oh its OK I was just wondering if I was going to get any mail Monday
but I didnt so no biggy, I just got stuck in a rut of my family doesnt
care about me. :p So you dont think you did good on the bar then? :( I
hope everything went OK and that your brain in still intact...if not
you know where you can get the best brain therapy. :D I love Grandma
and Grandpa!! I need there address so I can send them mail. Tell them
I love them very much and I am grateful that Grandpa taught me how to
work!! Dont forget to tell them please! Could you tell me stories
about Mommy Cindy? I want to hear them. That is very cute about mommy
Cindy being shy. hehe So I bet you are not liking cold because over
here is gets sooooo cold and I freeze to death. For example on Friday
it was like -2 degrees but the wind and the humidity is what kills
you. First we have to bike everywhere and Friday we went really far
and so I got really sweaty and I then we went tracting, at night, and
so all my sweat freezes on my back and just makes me really cold. :/
not fun. The snow just stays everywhere! My blood is too thin. I think
any of Dads kids are desert kids and are like reptiles and like to
bake in the sun. yup thats what it is. :D Now I do remember about my
evil ways back then and I feel bad. :/ But that is whats wonderful
about the Atonement. :D Tell Grandma as well that I am very sorry.
So Friday we biked really far and I had no problems falling. But on
it snowed in the morning and then after lunch we went almost
to where we were the day before. So it was really cold riding our
bikes out there but then we got really hot. We were coming back and my
companion got ahead of me like 50 yards because I got stuck in a lot
of snow so I just started running. Well I was coming up to an
intersection and there was a ton of snow where the street and the
sidewalk meet so I wanted to just go right through it so I was going
really fast. Well the snow got real hard and icy so instead I went
right over my handle bars in the street. haha My companion saw the
whole thing on the other side. He told me he did the same thing. Then
I got ahead of my companion on this side street and I went for a turn
pretty fast, forgetting that there could be ice, and I just went
straight down and slide. I always manage to fall.

So we got 3 new investigators this week. My companion and I were
pretty bad on Sunday and Monday so we had a bad week this week. We
repented and had an awesome Thursday through Sunday. Saturday we got
in with a potential we tracted into a month ago and he is so prepared
for us. He thinks it all makes sense and loves the Book of Mormon. His
wife is real cool and loves what we teach. She is Jewish and she is
being taught by the Jehovah Witnesses. Hopefully they dont give her
anti-stuff. :/ Then on Sunday we met a referral at President Fireside
and she is so awesome! She knows its all true but has commitment

I am still being trained by my trainer. I am in this 12 week training
thats part of the pilot program. The letter I received said that I
need to be trained well enough to train a new missionary at the end of
the training. It also kept saying that in the training packet we
received. So I may train soon. I am a little nervous because I am not
good at teaching. I may turn down the calling.
I love you Mandy! :)

Love Elder Mackey

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