Saturday, March 19, 2011

Elder Mackey's February 8, 2011 Letter to Mandy

Hi Mandy,
I am doing great! We had a baptism yesterday for a nine year old. It
was awesome!! In church she was so excited and couldnt wait. I did the
baptism talk and im doing the confirmation this Sunday. I was so
happy, and I didnt think I would be happy. It was weird, I was happy
because she was so happy and excited and she was coming closer to
Chirst. Maybe I dont Fully understand it but it was cool.

Ya they call it white washing an area. There use to be sisters here
but they went to the singles ward because a set of missionaries were
covering but it was to much for their area. (they were the zone
leaders) So wer are not opening it up really. Our Investigators are
not progressing though. It kinda is frustrating because I dont know
what we can do to keep having people progress but ya. I'm just
training though so I feel I dont know anything. :/

I stopped memorizing for 1- My companion knows all the scriptures or
he memorizes them faster and then takes over when I am trying to
memorize them and then it is just dumb and 2- I am just learning right
now and I have to finish this certification thingy. Mom told me that
they were having a party for mom Cindy. Did you not like it? I just
wrote in my journal that it was her birthday and I said happy birthday
and I thought about her during the day. Man I bet when I get back
there will have been like 20 new neices and nephews. Crazy nuts. I
know Shirley will be a great mom. She is for me when I spend the
night. :)

Here they do salt the road so on the main roads they are kinda snowy.
Just on the sidewalks and the surface streets and the trailor parks is
where they dont really care. Some of the members dont even shovel
their driveways. Oh after I told you about how we try and avoid those
who are shoveling their driveways, that whole week we were shoveling
drivways. haha It was also hard because it would melt because of the
sun and then freeze and turn into rock hard ice. Haha maybe I will
consider putting dog collars on my wheels. :p

I love you too Mandy! keep praying for me. :D

Elder David Mackey

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