Saturday, March 19, 2011

Elder Mackey's February 21, 2011 Letter

                                                           Jabba the Hut Snowman

No one e-mailed me!!!!! Yesterday we had a big storm. It was
awesome!!! We will be getting 10 - 14 inches of snow. Today we are
going around shoveling snow. Its still snowing crazy. We went to
dinner last night and people our here have to shovel their driveway
every so often to stay on top of it. Not so much has been going on
this last week. Our investigator Earl was doing awesome but we were
not able to get in with him lately because he got stuck at work and he
has been sick. He committed to be baptized on March 19 but we dont
think he understands what that means. He was saying that he was going
to get baptized in our church and then on the next day he will be
doing baptizing for others in his church.

Oh Elder Steel and I met two knew investigators and when we taught
them we think they were on drugs or something. They didnt even blink
or move and they were calm. It was funny. They were saying that they
were saved because they accepted Jesus Christ. I said that was part of
it and then said that they need to repent, be baptized, receive the
Holy Ghost, and then endure to the end. They then asked us if we can
baptize and we said yes and then they wanted to be baptized that day.
We told them that there are requirements to prepare them to make
covenants to God and that making a covenant is a serious thing, big,
and its rewarding.

But those where pretty much the two big things that happened this
week. Except this awesome bike crash I had. haha Ok so in our
companionship we love to tease eachother. Since Elder Steel's bikes
brakes can only work on the front he was complaining wishing that his
brakes were working in the back instead. I asked him why and he said
that when you pull the front  brake on ice you lose control and fall.
I was going against him of course saying that he needs to just suck it
up and I dont believe him. (really I didnt believe him anyways) So we
were biking on the sidewalk and right when I got on this like 20 foot
long piece of ice Elder Steel told me to pull on my front brake and so
I did. Right when I  pulled it I went straight down and and stumbling
and hit hard. I was laughing and slipping and it was just funny.
hahaha From right there I told myself that I was always going to
believe Elder Steel. :) I love you individuals of my family!!!! Oh and
I need to send you guys the First Epislte of the Elders to the Dead
Letter Writers.
Elder David Mackey


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