Saturday, March 19, 2011

January 31, 2011 Letter to Mandy and Airport Pictures

It has been a long time. Ya I only liked the MTC for the classes and
that was it. They were all spiritual and very uplifting BUT my
district was too dramatic and like my choir in high school. I loved my
teachers to death though and it was awesome! Also I loved my branch
presidency cuz they were so loving and fun. :) The work here is Apple
is pretty good. We have a baptism this Sunday and I am giving
the talk on baptism and I am doing the confirmation. :o first time for
me. We do tons of tracting and we got 6 new investigators the week
before last and 4 this last week. The members feed us every night so
its real nice. The only thing is we have only got one referral out of
the ward and actually we got it for them. :/ Wow that is a unique name
for a ward...Stewahona...hehe that is way cool that you are being
productive now a days. :p The youth are fun and the most important in
the church right now so you have a big calling. The youth here went on
a camp out (which is crazy with all the snow here) and the day they
went out was the most coldest of the winter so far, -30. They were
lucky and had cabins nearby though. That is crazy that Ju and Kev are
ward Missionaries. We use ours all the time or try to. They are very
important in letting elders get in to single ladies homes and also for
fellowshipping. Good luck on the bar. I will pray for you as much as I
remember. ;) I love you very much Mandy! I have shoveled probably my
own driveway once and two or three others driveways. I try to stay
away from that. We only tract those whoes driveways are already
shoveled so we dont have to do them. hehe just kiddin. :) Talk to you
later. :) Let Lauren know that I am not holding out on her.
Love Elder David Mackey

DECEMBER 15, 2010 AT 6:30 A.M.



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