Monday, April 4, 2011

Elder Mackey's March 28, 2011 Letter - First Transfer


Man you wrote me so much!! I hope I can get it all in here and plus
write Jessica, Katie, and Jeremy! So You have a awesome new job! I
knew you would be bringing in the big bucks! hehe Did you pass the bar
yet? Man I miss the big family parties with all the food! Out here we
get fed soooo much and I feel so fat! I am officially 205 now. :( I
need to work out. I like saying tho that I am only weighing so much
because of my massive thighs (muscles weigh more than fat). :D I was
excited when I got a letter from Shirley! I was hoping for a written
letter and everything but then I open it and its just an announcement.
Why do women like to take naked baby pictures? I could so see you
driving a huge truck! haha I have in my mind an only lady in like a
monster truck. haha

I am doing better. I understand that a mission will be hard is never
going to get easy. :/ That is how life will be. Transfer calls were
today and actually we were called last night and my trainer will be
training again (I will have a younger brother) and I will be
transfered to New Brighten. My companion is Elder Holmes. They say is
way cool. He has been out two transfers before me. Its another bike
area. A few days ago the snow melted a whole bunch but then it snowed
once again. Now it is warming up and everything is starting to show
and snow is dissapearing! YEAH!!!! Its still cold though. They say
that last winter there was a total of 40 inches and this winter was 90
inches. I was here on a very very snowing winter. Made 2nd place for
record breaking.

We find a lot here in Apple Valley. We have had a total of 18
investigators but they either drop us on the next visit or they dont
meet with us again. We set a date with a 19 year old who is a black
therian. (look it up) We are passing him off to the sisters
though because  they are over the singles ward. We taught 20 lessons
the week before and just this last one we taught 20 again!!! We are
getting bad though on Member presents because we will have lessons
planed for with a memeber and then all of the sudden they cancel. We
found a family tracting and we kept stopping by the house trying to
catch them but the mom would never answer the door or say that they
were busy. We finnally knocked when the husband was there and he let
us in and the wife was driving up and saw our bikes and stopped and
backed up and drove away. The husband was wondering what her problem
was. She came later after he texted her and we taught them a lesson
and they liked it. we are teaching them again tuesday and hopefully
they wont drop us.

I am excited for my new area! I am also stoked for my new companion. I
need a change! I love Elder Steel and all but I need something
different. We both need a change. He is way excited too. Oh guess
what!!! I am soo excited about this too! One of our Zone Leaders is a
spanish elder and he was on exchanges with me. I asked him if you
could tell me how to contact in spanish so I wrote them on cards. I
carry them around with me everywhere. I keep meaning to memorize them.
Well we ran into some spanish peoples and I contacted them in
spanish!!!! I was so excited afterward. Like it was crazy the feelings
I had! I have a spanish pmg, bom, bible, and the study stuff they give
missionaries. I got them from Elder Steel because he was wanting to
learn but never did so now he is giving them to me. I will hopefully
learn spanish when I get home. :) Well I need to get going. Thank you
very much and I love the Quotes!!!! I love you very much!

Elder Mackey

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