Monday, April 18, 2011

Elder Mackey's Letter dated April 18, 2011

Why thank you for all your birthday wishes!!! Well I dont know what
events are going on. haha we did have a lesson yesterday (yesterday
was awesome!!) and we were trying to set a return appointment and she
kept saying that she will just see us on Sunday. I just looked and her
name was on Thursday. I asked my Companion and he said that he had it
too but we dont remember setting an appointment. Maybe its a gift. I
have not received G' Flaherty's email. :( My mailing address 5931 W.
96th St Bloomington, MN 55432 and this is to the mission office. So
this week was awesome! We did a lot of good work. We talk to 34.9
people a day and had to quality gospel conversations with 9.6. the
week before was better though 12.6/47. But we taught 17 lessons that
week and obtained 9 new investigators. I would have pictures but this
computer is not working for my camera. It wont show up in the My
Computer window.
Anyways...So our dateset Chue dropped us last Wednesday. :( Her
husband finally moved back and he said that she cant meet with us.
Then another one of our investigators who was pretty solid and genuine
dropped us as well. Although he did say that he will come to church so
he will come back and be baptized after he comes to church. Yesterday
we taught a lesson to a very sincere guy who really just wants to find
truth. He use to be a youth pastor for 10 years and now when back to
school because he felt the Spirit direct him to be a cop. He is a
school cop for the Middle school and he says that he has more action
in one day than most cops get in one week. There is lots of gangs and
stuff downtown. Anyways, he met with missionaries once before but they
just said that if he really wants to know to read the Book of Mormon.
That was a while ago. He has read almost the whole book and he said
that he has been praying before during and after reading and he has
never received an answer. Now this guy is very humble and I told him
that maybe he is not praying right nad gave him the pamphlet and
showed him the correct way to pray. He said that he will try it that
way to pray. This man really made me humble by he being very
submissive and really wanting to know. I ask for everyone to pray for
him to receive his answer please. His name is Brian. Thank you for you
letter Jeremy. I knew there was some rebel in you. I am so excited for
this week. It could be for all the presents I am going to get or maybe
we are going to get some awesome success!!! I have been having some
really good conversations with the members here in New Brighton and it
really is helping me find my reason or helping me towards the reason
of why I am here. I had an interview with President and the Spirit
told me that I am tyring to make this mission mine when its not and so
I stopped studying spanish. I just needed enough to contact with.
President did say that I should stop for right now. Well I love you
all and I thank you all for all your prayers. Oh Trevor I love your
letter. It was perfect for what I needed for when I got it. Ella and
Caden I will write you a letter, I just need to get on it. It just
stinks because I dont have that much time in one day. The weather has
changed a lot. It did snow again two days ago but it melted the day
after. They have a Cub foods and a Rainbow but we mostly shop at
Walmart and Cub. Rainbow is kinda far with the Target but we go down
there for deal and ya. I am in my short sleeves now. I thought I would
never get to that point. haha but it gets really hot here even in the
50 degree weather on your bike. I love you Dad. I hope you stay alive!
Grandma and Grandpa I love you too! Man I have a lot of relatives!
Welcome Shirleys new baby. (i dont remember his name...i think its
trey) Anybody else pregnant? How is Jimmy and is new wife doing? When
is Adam sending in his papers?

Elder David Mackey

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