Monday, April 11, 2011

Elder Mackey's April 11, 2011 Letter

Dear Family, (Mandy)

I am so happy that far off tangent helped someone out. :) This past
week I have been under the weather. I got pretty si O MY
GOODNESS!!!!!!! I wrote this HUGE letter about this awesome story and
it got deleted!!!!!! >:( Stupid Computer!!!!! Danget I dont want to
write it again. I will write it again but there might be stuff left
out and may sound all over the place. Man my wrist was starting to
hurt from typing so much.

Well lets just say I got sick but I kept working hard and the Lord
blessed us so much with many miracles. :) We have 5 new investigators
where the majority seem pretty solid! One of our investigators Chue is
so awesome that is Golden. She was a referral ffrom a different set of
Elders and her story is like so: She was going to get something from
the bank and she saw the missionaries. The Spirit told her that she
needed to tell them her miracles and she didnt think it was God and
said that if I see them agian I will tell them. she got to the bank
and was gathering papers to go in and then looked up and saw the
elders again. She was like whoa ok well then if they wait there then I
know it is from God. They waited there and were actually walking
towards her. (I would like to know the elders side of the story)  She
got out of the car and yelled, "hey Mormons, I have some miracles to
tell you." They got her information and refereed her to us. They
taught her a short lesson on the BoM before I was Transferred over to
here. We tried to get a hold of her two times but was unsuccessful. We
finally got in touch with her and we taught her about the Spirit and
it was strong there. We challenged her to be baptized on april 30 and
she accepted but then said that she wanted to be baptized by some guy
from another church. We told her that she cant and said just a little
about authority and then left. Oh we also found out she smokes but the
Spirit has been telling her that she needs to quit and she has been
doing it. Before the next meeting she was going to drop us 30 min
before nad i tlaked to her and the Spirit was with me and I boldly
told her that you need to read the BoM (she was saying that the Spirit
was telling her to read the Bible) and that you want one of us to
baptize you. She didnt know that we could baptize. I then said that we
are coming over in 15 min. I think my filter left me haha its actually
weird because my companions sya that the things I say would make
people mad or whatever but in the way i say it or something happens
that they dont. So I need to work on that and I have been doing a lot
better. We taught her the first lesson and it made more sense to her.
We told her to read the BoM and come to church. The day before church
she told us how she got her answer to the BoM.

She had a dream 2-3 months ago and in the dream she was at the bottom
of a staircase and a women in the middle with a man at the top. the
man handed the women goden plates and handed them to Chue. She siad
that she didnt know what they were and that they were not her's and
handed them back and the women handed them back to the man. The man
saidthat they were not his and handed them back to the women and the
women handed them to the man syaing they were not her's but for you
chue, its a gift. (the women and the man could have been switched) She
woke up and didnt know what it meant. Well she started to read the BoM
at the introduction and she read "golden plates" and the Spirit
brought her back to that dream and then she under stood. That God
wanted her to have and read the Book of Mormon.

She came to church for the first time and bore her testimony and it
was legit. Afterwards the bishop wanted to meet with her and we were
waiting outside for him and she was saying that the Spirit has been
teaching her stuff that we havent even said like that the Bible is the
word of God and that the BoM is the Power of God. and much more but I
dont remember. She is such a sweet lady. oh also we found out that she
is only traditional married so we will see if her husband will want to
get married. he didnt want her to meet with us. but ya we are so
blessed with her. :D

Last thing is that we asked president if we could study spanish for 15
min after compaionstudy and he said yes. We have a lot of spanish in
our area and so we wanted to be able to contact them. So we have been
contacting like crazy!!! I love it! I am not that good but I can at
least say: Somos misioneros de la inglesia de Jesucristo o mormones.
Tiene Fe en Jesucristo? Queremos compartir un mensaje de jesucristo
con ustead. Nuestro mensaje no quita de sus creencias solo ayuda a
usted a: -aumentar en su fe -acercarse mas a Jesucristo -realizar que
las families pueden ser junto para siempre. Esta interasado(a) en
nuestro mensaje? Tenemos amigos que pueden hablar espanol. Cual es su:
-munero de telephono -direccion -nombre. A que hara es mejor para
usted? We are starrting to pray in spanish as compaions but we need
more. I dont know very much vocabulary and I know how to conjugate but
i dont know like all the grammar stuff. I would like some books if any
have any. a vocab book would be awesome with verbs. I feel the power
from on high helping me. its way cool. I have faith that I will learn
spanish! Well I need to get going. I hope this is ok. :/ I love you
all and please pray that i will acquire the gift of tongues. :D

Elder David Mackey

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