Monday, April 4, 2011

Elder Mackey's April 4, 2011 Letter - Conference, A New Area and a New Companion

Well really I think or thought that I would write you the e-mail for
everyone to read so I would write a lot of whats going on so everyone
could know as well. If someone writes me an e-mail I will try to write
them back but I will always leave all the main stuff in the e-mail I
send you. I LOVED conference! There were a lot of talks I liked. The
last e-mail I said I was transferred and the new area is very
different. It looks like downtown Phoenix except without the nice
building. I live in an apartment now and the church is right across
the street. Its real nice to wake up and look out the window and see
the church building. Its probably the nicest building around. So
anyways, two days before conference we met a guy at a bus stop and
invited him to conference. He said he would like to come and he did.
We had a lesson before the first session with him and we gave him the
Ensign where the Apostles give their testimonies of Christ and stuff.
It was a special one that they put out. He liked it. He also liked
conference and said that he would come for both session on Sunday but
he never showed up. :/

It snowed this morning while we were inside. Stopped before we got out
so we were lucky. The snow is going down a lot. Its awesome. I had
this thought come to me right now. There are some places were the sun
doesn't reach. In those places there are still heaps of snow. Where
the sun does reach the snow is gone or almost gone. The sun is very
powerful, when its really cold outside but you stand in the sun, you
feel the warmth that it gives. Same with Jesus Christ, when you dont
let Him in your life you will feel the cold and your sins will never
melt away. We need to step out of "hiding" and bask in the sun. Let
the Savior warm our hearts and open our minds. Even when I am out in
the cold and I am walking around, I dont feel the sun. The sun is
shining on me I just dont recognize it. But when I pay attention to it
I feel the warmth. We may be walking in life and have the Spirit with
us but we dont recognize it. We we stop and listen we then will feel
the warmth. (I think it goes along with Elder Bednars' talk) Ya that
was just what I was thinking.

Anyways, my companion is pretty fun. He is actually only one transfer
older than me. We both are learning a lot. He is from Utah and he
loves to hunt and camp and stuff. When I came out here there was no
success. They havent had baptisms for a while here. Way different than
my last area. The people are not too friendly out here as well but we
do find those that are friendly. When I got here there were 5
investigators who are very hard to get a hold of. We now have 4 more.
One of the 5 is an awesome old man. We had such a great lesson. We
were just going to stop by to see if he was there because they couldnt
get a hold of him. He was there and I started to talk about the Book
of Mormon
but felt that I should teach the whole first lesson. My
companion felt that too and he was just right on the ball. Oh when we
talked to him at the door he was in a lot of pain because of his leg
and I asked him if we could just share a short 10 min message. He
agreed and then thats when we both felt like we should do the first
lesson. We were there for 40-45 min and he was understanding and the
Spirit was strong there. At the end he said his leg did not bother him
at all while we were talking to him. Our joint teaching gave him a
blessing and we left. It was amazing. The work out here in this area
is tough but those experiences give me hope that we will find another
one like that.

Thank your so much for all your prayers! They are very much needed.
Please pray for the area that I am in. I love you all and this will be
continued till next week.

Elder Mackey

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