Thursday, June 28, 2012

Elder Mackeys June 4 and June 11 E-Mails

Dear Family
St. Paul is such a beautiful place! There are so much vegetation and greenery it is just awesome! We have been doing a lot of finding since we have no investigators. It is just amazing seeing the miracle come as we exercise our faith and open our mouth to everyone we see! We have now gained 4 new investigators. (Just to put in here, we also got some new sweet phones!! The church is becoming more high tec) I love my new companion Elder Judkins! He and I work pretty similar and came out together. Since our time is coming close to an end we have desires to become even greater! We both have had (more him than me) companions that were "hard" companions and we do not want to become like them. We are striving to be more obedient and focusing more on the Lord, and giving of ourselves. Thank you everyone for you prayers and love and support! Continue to pray for missionary opportunities! They are the most happiest things in the world!

This week:
Dear Family,
This past week has been a good week. Our lesson number went up and we found some concerns with one of our solid investigators! That was exciting! The ward is way awesome, like most wards are. Sorry this is way late. The work is still pretty slow but hopefully it will pick up and it is. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for me. I feel them everyday.

Elder Mackey

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