Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Mackey's May 31, 2012 E-mail

Dear Family,
Sorry I didn't write on Monday. This week my companion and I decided to go to the temple so we had our p-day today. We got to the temple late so we were not able to do the endowment session. But we did initiatory and then went to the Celestial room. Then we went shopping at COSTCO!!!!!!! I love that store! We had it in my last area and we went there a lot! When I got into this area we had barley one investigator that we probably are going to drop. The work has been pretty slow. Right now we are just trying to clean out the area book(s). Yes this area use to be two area's but has now eaten the other one and we have their work as well. Which does not have any investigators. Plus, to add on all the top of that, our area is a bike area as well. I believe it is 40 square miles. I thought there couldn't be in a bike area bigger than Minneapolis but St. Paul is now the biggest bike area. There are a lot of hills so it really is a work out. Our focus has not only been on cleaning out the area book but we have been talking to everyone that we see. We have seen the miracles occur as we exercise our faith! What stinks is that we mainly get referrals for other areas. Nonetheless, we have been seeing the Holy Ghost direct our work and where we go. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers! I love you and I pray for you! Happy Birthday Mom! and Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Elder David Mackey

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