Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Elder Mackey's January 9, 2011 E -mail

Dear Mandy,
Ya I was in an area that didn't even have cars....just bikes. But finally I get to see 21st century technology!! That is a sweet gift to receive! Ice cream is heaven sent! Thank you for your package! I loved the little stocking! Thank you for the McDonald's gift card as well! I will be saving that when I am running out of money or for a "treat." Ya there wasn't very many who I talked with. Sam was getting his beauty sleep and Adam was still in Argentina I assume. I talked to Shirley for a little bit and Jimmy. It was wonderful talking to Becca and hearing her. She is getting so much older. When I get back there are going to be so many new faces and everyone will look different! We went to the bishop's for dinner and it was a wonderful experience. He invited two other families to join and there were a ton of kids. Didn't seem too special really. Going out and preparing for Christmas was fun and the different concerts we attended were Spiritual. Just seeing people open up because its the season and to feel the Spirit of Christ. Its not about receiving but about giving.
New years was just a normal day. Except it was actually very spiritual! We had fast and testimony day and we had a less-active come to church! That was exciting! For some reason this winter has been very mild. There is very little snow on the ground and the past few days have been very nice like in the 30-40's. Sorry there isn't very many good stories of me falling on my bike. I have gotten better about that since I have experience and the winter is pretty mild. Although my companion hit pretty hard. We were riding our bikes through the  parking lot which gets very icy and well his bike some how slipped out from under him and he hit his head and face pretty bad on the ice. He got a mark from it. People keep saying that I punched him. ;)
This transfer has been one of the toughest but one of the most rewarding! I am learning a lot about sacrifice and loving others and not myself. President gave me the assignment when this transfer started to love my companion. He is the one who is before myself, investigators, and members. This has been my challenge and I recognize that I mess up but I dont put myself down for it. Your letter was amazing and I loved it Mandy! You always give me the right informantion that I need to hear. I love you! I still have a lot to change but I can see myself change IF I loose myself in the work and forget about me.
Thank you so much Mandy! I love you!

Elder David Mackey

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