Monday, May 14, 2012

Elder Mackey's May 7, 2012, E-Mail

Dear Family,

So I havent received any letters from anyone yet. Or e-mails. I guess thats how you feel when I dont send anything either huh...Well the weather is so great right now! We had two or three days of just rain. We got soaked. Everything was so wet! But it was fun! We had a great week. So we got a new Stake President yesterday. We got a new bishop the Sunday before and now a new Stake President. We got this awesome referral from She referred herself and so we met her. We scheduled a time to meet up with two sisters from the ward. She got really nervous and scared so she kinda bailed. Well we said the sisters could go and have lunch and let us know when they are done and we will check again. We went next door and taught her neighbor. They called us and we checked her apartment again and the card we left was gone....She was home! She didnt answer her door though. For some reason I was "pushed" to walk down the stairs to the bottom floor. We saw a girl (which was her) come through the door and start going up stairs on the other end. We said something but she just looked back and kept going. She we "chased" after her and right before she got inside we talked to her. We tried to "chase" after her in a non-discrete way. She told us that she was scared and nervous but she told us that she would meet us outside in a little. She did and we had a great lesson with the sisters! She told us when we were going back to her apartment that we are so nice that it makes her nervous. She has some trusting difficulties from past experiences. :( The sisters are doing awesome and are building a great relationship with her!

Sunday and Mothers Day!! I hope to see you all there. Even you Lauren! I want to skype and maybe call as well. I get home or where ever we will be eating around 5. depends on how much stuff we have to do after church. I really dont know when to call so I will guess it. I can only talk for 40 min. MAX. President does not want us to go over. Help me to keep that blessing.

I love you!

Elder David Mackey

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